Did you see Knitty Gritty show today?

I don’t know if it was a new episode but I never saw it before. They showed some pretty knit pillows!!

I have a new guest room and have been wanting to knit a decorative pillow for the bed. Today on the show I saw two wonderful examples of what I can do. I plan to make the “Tuxedo Pillow”, the ruffle pillow first. Then the other was a reverse applique pillow. Both techniques they showed were really wonderful even for an advanced beginner.

I think the rerverse applique one would be pretty with fabric showing thru the knitting on top also…lots of great ideas today!!

I hope you get to watch the show. See below for the link.



My DVR thingy must be taping it. Can’t wait to get home to see it! :cheering:

Yes, I saw it! I like the tuxedo pillow, too. I may knit it, too…I will use 1 ruffle down the middle. I’m so happy that we finally have new shows again :thumbsup:

oooh, I did see it!! Loved the pillows and they seem pretty easy to do. The tuxedo one is so cool! :cheering:

A show? Like on TV? About knitting?? Did I understand that correctly? I’ve never heard of it… would anyone be kind enough to let me know when and where it comes on?

It’s shown on the DIY network. Check out the links in the first post.

Why can’t I find this episode on my dvr? OY!

When are the new shows on? I usually watch the afternoon episode, but they’re still showing repeats. I decided today, to watch the morning episode. It was also a repeat. I’m on Central time, and it comes on DIY at 10:30am, and 1:00pm. Is there another time it’s on? I’m obviously missing something.

yeah my DVR got it right. On mine I can set it to record only new shows or new shows and repeats or only repeats. SO I have it set to new shows and repeats just in case. So if anyone wants a copy I make a VCR copy and send it to you (if you don’t have cable or don’t believe in TV but wanna watch this show. I can even edit out the commericals!)

I don’t think I’ll make the ruffle pillow (too foofy) but I like the other one. I dont’t have a sewing machine though. It’s such a great idea for using color though.

We have a DVR and have been trying to figure out how to set up the VCR or a DVD burner with it! So it IS possible, huh… :thinking:

i haven’t really liked any of the projects on any of the new shows

i hope they get better

Seriously, I have mine set to tape new episodes and it didn’t record anything?

Did anyone else see the epi on Illusion Knitting? According to the show, even beginners can do it so I think that is that is on my list to make for my 19 yr old daughter.

Ok, my mom taped this one on her new fancy dishnetwork DVR thingy and I don’t think I could CUT my knitting? I almost had a heartattack. To me, I think I’d die. The pillow was pretty (I didn’t care for the colors), but I still don’t think I could cut my knitting. Anyone else have feelings on this?

The new episodes are on in the morning on Monday’s.


The charity episode is the only new one I’ve seen recently, all the others are repeats. You can look and see the year on them…it was the only one that had this year and didn’t say repeat.