Did you feel like you needed a thimble in the beginning too?

My right pointer finger tip hurts… . I knit English style…and I like the aluminum needles alot more than wooden…Is this normal? Or can I get something like a rubber finger thimble??

You can get a thimble but it would probably be better if you learned to knit without pushing on the points of the needles. Perhaps you’re knitting very tightly and that makes it hard to move the needle through the stitches?


well i am not certain how one knits without pushing on the point. i suppose i could but it would slow me down a lot and really interrupt my flow.

When I was first using really tiny needles where the tips were really pointy i used a bandaid on that finger until my finger toughened up a bit. i have a smidge of a callous on the point of that finger now. normally that would bother me but since it is making knitting with pointy tips less painful i got over it! :wink:

I’m having the same problem at the moment with my steel needles, I believe its the yarn’s fault - not mine :teehee: because it is so thin and fiddly that I have to push the needle points.

On all of my other projects I manage fine to not do that though, but most of them are done on bamboo.

I agree with Suseeq about not pushing on the points if you help it though, as my old Polish violin teacher used to chant at me “Hard fingers means Hard work - soft fingers means no work” (shortly before berating me for having soft fingers :eyebrow: )

I’ve seldom had to push on the points while knitting. I have from time to time, but I don’t remember why. I think if I have to move the stitches, I grasp the tip with my right and push them along the needle on the left. The stitches should be loose enough to move easily without falling off the needles. That way you can pull a little as you drop each new stitch off and the next one’s in the right place.


I find I use my thumb nail to move yarn around and also my pointer on ther tips. Whenever I trim my nails, my thumb will kill for about 3 days until the nail grows back long enough. My finger is better now tho since I got the options. The yarn moves alot easier so I don’t have to push the point so much.

I don’t have a lot of problem with sore fingers from knitting, but I also find it easier to control the stitches if I do push (gently) on the tips. That seems quicker that grabbing the work in my palm and pushing them down.

When I was an active hand quilter, I had callouses on my fingers to the point that I don’t think I had an actual fingerprint on those fingers. After a while you toughen up the tips. As long as I didn’t actually bleed on my quilting I figured it was just part of the dues I had to pay to get good at something I really wanted to learn to do.

Secretly, I was proud to have a callous or two–my fellow quilters thought it was cool that I did enough quilting to get them, and I just didn’t bother to tell non-quilters they came from sewing instead of rebuilding diesel engines or some other manly task.