Did I make the wrong size?

I made one sock of the Falling Leaves socks from Knitty.

Now, I know I’m not the best knitter in the world, and I’m embarrassed to post pics, but I want to ask your opinions. To me, it looks like the lace pattern is simply not being stretched out by my foot as much as the ones on knitty. I can’t see the graceful falling leaves that are so evident on the ones in knitty. [I][B]What do you think?[/B][/I] I used a gauge of 36sts/in with Regia 4-fädig sock yarn.

Should I make them with a smaller gauge? Or are my yarn overs too small?

Thanks for any help.

please compare this picture with the green Falling Leaves socks on Knitty.


What size needle did you use? If you knit loose you may need to go down a needle size.

She also has some ribbing at the top to help hold the sock in tighter, but yours doesn’t look like it has any.

She may not be at the top yet, but yes, more ribbing in the leg will help. Did you get the gauge on size 2.5mm needles?

If you read at the bottom of the pattern it says that blocking brings out the pattern. Perhaps that is what you need to do, finish off the knitting and then block. Here’s what her instructions say…

Weave in ends.

Wash and block sock. Socks are purposely designed on the small side so blocking can bring out the lace pattern. I block mine by washing them, rolling out most of the water in a towel and putting them on my feet to shape them. Then I take them off and lay them flat to dry.***

Good luck!

Thanks a bunch!

As suzeeq noted, I’m not yet at the top, so I haven’t started the ribbing yet. I did use 2.5mm needles to get gauge.

I will try blocking for better results, but I am a bit skeptical that it might help, given that I used super-wash wool, also. But I’ll definitely give it a try, because I don’t really want to go down a size (that would end up too small I think).

:doh: I knew that… :shifty:

lol Jan! Don’t worry about it!