Did i get a good deal?


sorry this is probably a silly question, but i really want to know if i paid a good price.

i bought 20 50gram balls of pure wool in navy for $1.87 each ball (inc p&p)

did i get a good deal or have i just been coned.

sorry i really don’t have a clue as i have never actually bought wool (i had masses left to me when my gran died at christmas)


I suppose it would depend on the quality of the wool, but that sounds like a pretty good deal to me. (I’m no expert since I’ve only been knitting since Feb, but I’ve managed to accumulate a modest stash nonetheless.) Was it an ebay buy?

Excellent deal if the wool is good quality. Do you happen to know the brand or any other info?

$1.87 for 50g, isn’t that a steal for any quality of wool ?

okay i have never heard that phrase but i am delighted by it (and maybe a little disturbed by it and the mental image i have of what that translates to in my mind! :shock: )


I don’t know, i have bought yarn that seemed like a really good deal until i found it to be unpleasant to work with or a color i wouldn’t normally use or something like that. so it will really depend on how it feels to work with and to wear and if it is a color that you will want to keep or give as gifts and all that.

on the surface though, sounds like a outstanding deal. :thumbsup:

yes, it really is pretty good for any wool, but not really a value if it isn’t usable for what you want it for. I got some ebay wool once for a good price that was really horrible.

A cone of yarn is the first thing that came to my mind. :wink:

It sounds like a good deal- hope you make something fun with it!!
PS- I thought about a cone shaped hat ~ but I think she meant conned :smiley:

ooooooooooh conned! :rofling: :roflhard: :rofling:

…i just assumed it was one of those funky little phrases that come from somewhere else that i had never heard before. Conned never even crossed my mind! (i thought it was a weird euphamism for [color=gray][size=1]screwed![/size][/color] ) :blush:

:roflhard: You might be onto something there!


sorry a little type o there :oops: really shouldn’t type with a 3 year old on my lip wiggling about lol.

haven’t recieved the wool yet, should do by the end of next week as it was a max of 2 week postage.

it was an e bay buy. i bought some other wool and its wonderful from e bay. it was someone that was trying knitting and hated it (how do you lol)

thanks, just waned to be sure i hadn’t been conned


:roflhard: hehe sorry but that is a funny typo - wondering how you balance a 3 year old on your lip =P

lol i am glad someone else got a giggle out of that. i hate looking like the typo police because i have more than my fair share but they just make me giggle so.

i seriously thought that i had found a new silly phrase to use though “getting coned!” Just assumed it was some phrase from another country that didn’t translate quite the same…

i may use it anyway! :rofling:

I purchased a wool (was a two ply hand spun/dyed thing) from ebay that i thought was a STEAL… and being new(er at the time) i thought… ohh wow… it’s black, i’ll find SOMETHING to do w/it… yeah hi… i’ve since decided NOTHING will be knit wit that yarn… hah

first…because it came in a hank… (and not a very neat one) i spent HOURS trying to do the center pull ball thingies… only to discover my hands looked funny…

then… i tried knitting w/it… and realized why my hands looked funny… the dye was ALL OVER ME, my hands got sticky, my needles (figures i was trying out the NEW bamboos at the time) got dyed…
it was a disaster

and yeah… apparently i’m s’posed to WASH the stuff first… (cause THATS gonna happen)…

BUT there were other blind purchases of yarn on ebay & from websites that were WONDERFUL… so fingers crossed that you’re gonna love your wool! (and for the record, it’s cheaper than what i paid) :wink:

I bought yarn from ebay - I got a discontinued line from Wendy, it is a blue “tweed” wool. I also got black “Merino” from Wendy that states on the ball band 100% wool.

I made my Lucy bag with the tweed - its turned out well. While felting that, I threw in a swatch of the “100% wool Merino” after reading on Yarndex that it is acrylic. No surprise there, Yarndex is correct and the ball bands are wrong.

I’m pretty frustrated, I bought 20 50g balls of the Merino (10 black 10 navy) and no idea what I’m gonna do with it!

Hope yours turns out to be a great purchase, sounds like it should be ok from a knitter who decided she didn’t like knitting! Her loss is your gain =D