Diaryland fraud


This is a terrible way to introduce myself but I have been trying to get the word out about a very bad site. This is one of two sites I lurk on and thought it was time I mentioned blogging nasties.

Although I have managed my own farm website for years, a year ago I was brand new to blogs and was turned onto diaryland blog service by one of the knitting websites. I knew nothing and, when I looked through the website information and discovered there were “more options” available with a paid membership, I paid a goodly fee for greater service (having had a website for years, the idea of more cost for more service made perfect sense to me). Within an hour I realized there was nothing more in the paid service and asked for my guaranteed money back, no less than 10 times in the first 24 hours. Although I continued to write the “help desk” many times over several months, I never received a single response.

A few weeks ago they began writing through an auto-subscription bot asking me to re-up. Of course I am much wiser now -there are many blog sites, excellent blog options- that are completely free. I continue to write, asking for my money back and they continue to send automatic subscription offers. This is the link: Stay away from them.


Since I was led to diaryland through a knitting site I felt it important that I mention my experience on the couple of forums I belong to.

Happy holidays everyone!