Diaper Cover Pattern?

If anyone has a pattern they can refer me to, similar to the one seen here: http://img1.etsystatic.com/il_570xN.273584469.jpg I’d so appreciate it.

The ones I have found so far are cute, but I like them to look more like bloomers than shorts and I haven’t found any yet. Doesn’t matter what size, I can adjust it.

Thank you!

There are [pages](http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/search#sort=best&query=diaper soaker) of patterns on Ravelry (free to join) of all sorts. Do a search for “diaper soaker” to check. I think the reason some look like bloomers is because they are ribbed at the waist and legs which is all to the good as far as function is concerned.

Thank you, I did check some out on there and the only one I like is from Etsy. I have since changed my mind and am going to try it on my own. Yikes.


These are ver similar and could be altered a bit to suit.

Jan, thank you…The third one you posted is perfect. Thanks!