Diaper Bag

So I have a friend who is in to handmade things and is pregnant, and I thought I would make her a diaper bag. I found a book that had a pattern but didn’t want to buy the book for one pattern. So I was hoping my good freinds here would help me find a pattern. :smiley: I would love to here any suggestions you have!! Thanks :thumbsup:

Katy :notworthy:

I did a quick google for “knit diaper bag pattern” and came up with this. I didn’t look through the entire list, but I’d bet there are more. :slight_smile:

You could also check to see if your library has the book!

Melanie Falick’s “Knitting for Baby” has an awesome felted diaper bag pattern in it…and it’s a fabulous book, one of my favorites. I recommend asking at your library…even my teeny tiny small town library has it! :smiley:

go to wal-mart, they sell the caron simply soft brites! yarn and theyre is a purple and green knit diaper bag pattern on the back of their yarn, it only takes 3 skeins (total of about $6.50)
if you cant find it email me and i’ll scan it in and email you the pattern