Diamond stitch

This is my second hat and so much fun but having trouble with stitch count on first row of diamonds The first hat came out beautiful but I did set it down last winter due to frustration with this first row and I don’t recall how I fixed it. Pattern has two different videos for diamond st and placement but both are different in the placement of first and last st. I’m going with written pattern and still having problems. Definitely could be me, meds, foggy, pain, and stress but have set it down and started it over this morning. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The row before diamond is dc and row before that is sc all 72 sts

I’m hoping it’s ok I shared this because it didn’t show pattern

Beautiful designs. Maybe one of these:
We need help from the crochet crowd:

Tyvm but am I allowed to say these are what I used👍 her creations are beautiful and spot on for usefulness

It’ll help if we know the name of the hat pattern you’re using. Thanks for thinking of the designer copyrights.

Sorry ; Snow Country Ski Hat {Free Crochet Pattern for Men and Women}

Many thanks.

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The difference between the first stitches in the hat and the first stitches in the video is because the hat is in the round and the video shows working the stitch pattern flat. If you do the sc at the beginning of round it will mess up the pattern. How many stitches are you off? IME my problem has always been that I counted wrong when working with post stitches. It can be tricky with the stitch of the current round/row that technically isn’t worked behind the post stitch(es) and with working into a row or more below. I looked on Ravelry and didn’t notice any problems noted. I’d check to make sure I’m counting the sc correctly for working the post stitches on the current round and that I’m placing them in the correct stitches in round 12. HTH

I’m kind of the mood to crochet. I should do something with this diamond stitch pattern. I’m glad you asked.


My first try today 69 starting in second sc, second try starting in first sc 71. Starting with 72 sts in previous round and 72 sts in rnd 12. Tyvm for responding

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Maybe try putting locking stitch markers around every 4th stitch in Round 12, so you can see where to put the trebles? Then be sure to skip the stitch behind the treble when working your sc for Round 14. It can be hard to determine exactly where that is, especially on that first set where there’s only the ch1, but pull the treble forward a bit and you should be able to see it.


Tyvm for the help

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GG is thinking a coil or spiral hat much like knitting. But a jogless crochet is much easier an would benefit this pattern. Jogless in the round crochet would simply use a slip stitch at the end of [each] round before the rising chain (1 for sc, 3 for DC, etc). In this case it is one for the main SC stitches in the round, the front post Tr reach diagonally two rows down and first is ahead of current stitch.
Consider the stitches as columns. The FPTr will fill the column it is in while creating the diamon pattern starting with V’s for the bottom of the first row of diamonds.

Halt! I just [re-]read the pattern. There is an error. It starts with FPTr / but the row then ends with a /\ FPTr2Tog. This leaves a / /\ or a gap in the diamond. Is that what you are finding?

[Edits in brackets]
I am having trouble with the end of the round and working out the pattern without actually crocheting it. I am also at the end of a long day of work. I have tomorrow off, so I will return then and read the pattern again and work a sample.

I’m glad someone can decipher patterns!

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I’ve got it finally. Indeed the first and last sts are FPtr and therefore should be counted as stitches. At the end of the row there is 2 sc left so I sc in first and joined last FPtr to last leg of last FPtr2tog and joined in last sc of current round slipping working yarn through 3 loops left on hook. Finishing rnd by joining rnd w/ slip st to FPtr at beginning of round. 72 sts I’m going from memory so if this doesn’t make sense by all means let me know and I will send snap shot of notes under saved pattern. Thank you dearly to all for your help :yarn::heart:

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You are correct but not an error, I believe she starts and ends with FPtr so the stitches are more uniform when starting and ending. They do blend as the pattern moves along. Ty

Btw…the name is totally fitting for anyone that skis or is need of a very warm hat for walking in winter and such. Back in the day when I myself was a downhill skier wish I had this hat; low on the neck and forehead with ear flaps to accommodate goggles. I’m going to kick these out for the homeless. Sorry for carry on just :heart: the pattern so much fun. Have a great day all :yarn::kissing_heart:


That’s an excellent recommendation! Thank you for the pattern information.

Well done. Sounds like an excellent warm hat pattern.