Diagonal Woven Stitch


I got this pattern from a local sewing shop and since I’m still a beginner (advanced beginner), I’m confused. Can someone help explain this?


[B]Row 1:[B]K2, K 2nd stitch from underneath without removing from the needle, K 1st stitch, take both stitches off needle. Repeat between *'s to last stitch, end K1.

Row 2: P2, P 2nd stitch without removing from needle, P 1st stitch, take both stitches off needle. Repeat from *'s to last stitch, end P1.

[B][B]I’m probably just a complete idiot. But the stitch looks like it’s been woven instead of knitted. It’s really pretty.

Thanks in advance![/B][/B] [/B][/B]

You’re knitting the stitches out of order, second, then first.

I’m not sure what ‘from underneath’ means, but I think it’s from the back. Knit the second stitch in the back loop, then bring your needle around and knit the first one as normal. You’ll have a twist that leans to the left.

Same with the purl stitch. Purl the second stitch first, then the first stitch closest to the point and slide them off together.