Diagonal Knitting on "Knitty Gritty"

Hi everyone…:muah:did anyone watch the segment (one day this past week) on diagonal knitting??? Anyway, I went to DIY site, found the show, but the only stuff posted is a pattern for the purse:doh: I want the step by step on diagonal knitting…Am I missing something? Is there a different site for Knitty instructions:hair:Thanks for your help Cheley

mutidirectional knitting…modular knitting another group!!

This what you’re looking for?

[SIZE=1][COLOR=Silver]:psst:I thought you changed your name?[/COLOR][/SIZE]

yep Jan, that’s what I have too…but I don’t want the pattern for the purse, I was hoping that the instructions to knit diagonally would be listed like: co 3, inc every other row.etc etc …cause I missed the part on how to dec…and rectangles etc…:muah: thank you

Ahh…how about this?

Most diagonal knitting works on the same principle as that purse pattern. CO 3, inc on both sides until they are the width you want, then either decrease both sides for a square, or inc 1 side, dec 1 side until it’s the length you want, then dec on both sides.

Not Knitty Gritty but perhaps these might help
Designing in 45 degrees
a basic diagonal rectangle.

Thanks Jan:cheering:

Hi Suzeeq:hug: Do you inc every other row? Then to dec, do you K2tog first and sec to last st on every other row too???..Just wish the segment was on video:cry: cause it was very cool…I got to the rectangle part, and the next thing I realized is that the program was over:sleepy: have a great day

You can either inc at the beginning of each row, or the beginning and end of every other row. To dec, do the same (once every row or both ends every other one).

I watched it, and for his directions, they said increase or decrease every other row. it was an interesting episode! I think their point was you can use the same idea as the purse for just about anything that you want to be a square, rectangle or triangle. the basic principle is the same for each.

Thank you:muah:

Yes, marykz, that’s right. It just depends what shape or size you want.