Dewdrops Yarn-looking for a pattern

I purchased this dewdrops yarn at Michaels…it has little sparkles (spangles) and is very thick and pretty. I found 2 patterns for crochet. I would like to knit a scarf instead of crocheting. I guess a basic scarf to show the sparkles. Can anyone suggest a scarf that i can use. I guess 1 row knit, 1 row purl ??? thanks for your help.

Here are lots of patterns to choose from, some using very few skeins of Dewdrop. It looks like a fun yarn to use.

Knit one row, purl one row will curl by itself without any other sts. That may or may not be the look you want.

Hi, I looked on ravely but some of the scarves are called dewdrops (pattern name.) I am speaking of the yarn name…dewdrops. I found 2 crochet patterns using the exact yarn but not knitted ones…Its a very pretty yarn and very thick with little round sparkles…thank you for a reply.

The link posted above was to the projects that were made with the Dewdrops yarn, not patterns that have dewdrops in the name.

thanks again…i wanted a scarf…one is a shawl on ravelry…

On Ravelry you can search for scarves for your weight of yarn. You may even be able to use “spangles” or “sparkles” (or whatever those things are called) in your search, too.

Personally, though, I think you’re narrowing your search way too much. You should be able to find a pattern you like in a yarn weight the same as your yarn and just use that. All scarves in any pattern will show off the yarn and the sparkles (some of the sparkles will always wind up on the “back,” but that’s true for ANY pattern and it can’t be helped).

So my advice is go forth and find a pattern you love. Don’t worry so much about the sparkles–they’ll take care of themselves!!!

You can take that list, which shows ALL projects made with the yarn, then in the box that says ‘show all types’, open it and choose scarf. Then you get this list.