Devil Hat in Stitch'n'Bitch....pattern corrections?

Has anyone knit the Devil Hat from the Stitch’n’Bitch book? I’ve come to a point in the decreasing where it seems the pattern isn’t correct. I did a google search and did find mentions made of the fact that there are errors in the pattern, but no mentions of the correction. :?? That’s her email address. Email her? :shrug:

i knit the hat a few months ago, but i don’t recall the pattern being incorrect, and my finished product turned out fine, i think - of course, i was then a brand-new knitter, so i probably wouldn’t have been able to tell if there WAS a mistake in the pattern - where is it that you’re having a hard time?

Corrections to Stitch n Bitch are here.

I made the Devil Hat this month (all except the horns - I just wasn’t in the mood to pick up the stitches on the DPNs for it, so that’s what’s left to do) and the mistakes on the website weren’t mistakes in my copy of the book (which I got over a year ago), so perhaps there were updated editions published.

Corrections to Stitch n Bitch are here.

I did find that page last night, but on their reference of this particular pattern, they don’t give the correction, they just quote part of the instruction from the pattern.

I’m going to tinker with it today, now that I’m fresher than when working on it last night so late.

None of the directions list what the mistake is, they just say what it should read. It’s unclear for the hat, but all the others for SnB say “Instructions should read…” :shrug:

You probably have the reprint instead of the original print.

I’ve noticed that my copy seems to have the errors fixed (bought it last year). I’d check mine for sure, but I lent it to a friend.

Well, now that I know there are different prints out there, I’ll check with a friend of mine who I know has the book. Maybe hers will be the different version.

Thanks! :smiley: