I have listed a lot of yarn on E-bay. Much of it is the fabulous Pinqouin Brand of yarn which was made in France but plant closed some years ago. It is premier yarn and of top quality. I have listed all types including some wool and Mohair. Two of the numbers are #8228086367 and #8228086350 and when the site opens, just click on ‘See Seller’s Other Items’ and you can see all I listed. I am also a china painter so there are some china painting items on E-Bay also.

Also have a lot of ‘Super Sport Yarn’ which has more yardage than the Sport Yarn sold in stores now and is also very good quality.

Just wish I had time to knint it up but am getting too old and think I need to sell it so my kids don’t just throw it in the dumpster when I pass on. It is too good for that! Be glad to answer any questions. Thanks for looking!

Wow! word must get out about us so nuch that people come here to sell stuff!