Desperately Seeking WOTA in Grass!


I just ran out of WOTA…so I need just a bit of my color to make it to the end, or I have to place a $30 knitpicks order!! (I can’t believe I ran out…I knit the same thing, in the same yarn, in the same size, and didn’t run out last time. :?? )

Does anyone have a partial skein of WOTA in Grass??? I’ll PayPal you for it!!

I actually am fairly certain that I have WOTA in Grass at home. I am currently at work. If you still need it I will look and let you know in a bout an hour or two.

Thanks for checking! :smiley:

Julie…I have a couple of Grass remnants (plus 2 whole skeins)…since Im closeish to ya, do you wanna just come pick it up??

Yay!!! I will PM you…

Well, I completely dropped the ball on this and forgot to check. I do have it, but obviously it might be easier for you to get from KellyK. Have a great Thanksgiving!

Its in the mail this mornin!

Thank you KK!! :cheering: