Desperate gauge help!

what do you do if your stitch gauge is too small, but your row gauge is good, but the swatch on the size needles you’re on is already kinda loose so you don’t want to go up? just cast on 4 more stitches maybe? (sock)


I have no help to offer but I can’t help but think from the desperation cry that this is a panicky sock war question…and i can’t help but wonder how long it will be before you have yourself worked up in a frenzy with images of being bombed with socks!


bren, my demise is going to be expeditious, i’ve already come to terms with it. :teehee: i was teasing that who ever kills me is going to get nothing but a cast-on and a big ball of yarn in the mail from me, and i’m really trying to avoid that at least. :wink: i think i already posed this question to aylaane and i have no recollection of her response… nice, eh? maybe i am already frantic! :x:

hey, i got gauge! i just switched to continental and it worked marvelously. it’s ridiculously loose though now… i don’t think appropriate for socks really. i’m afraid i’m doing something terribly wrong now… :frowning: