Designing your own toys?

Has anyone here made their own toy designs with any success?
I’m trying to design my own patterns, based on My Little Pony (and if I crack it, it will be followed by accessories for the ponies, I have a lot of ideas for those, lol).
Not getting very far, I keep starting then scrapping most of what I’ve done! I have a couple of different head designs I’m fairly happy with, although I feel I made them too involved for other knitters (I plan to eventually upload them on Ravelry) and could probably do the patterns more simply.

I’d also like to know if there’s a way to work out how to make the shape you want using short rows? E.g. how many short rows/stitches do you do to make this or that piece curve or bulge by that much? I’m guessing it’s mostly trial and error, but I think short rows would help my designs look better and I’m having problems visualising how to incorporate them.

I’d love to see other people’s original toy designs too!

You could look at many toy patterns to see how and where the designers add short rows. Knit some of them if you haven’t already. Alan Dart is one very experienced designer who comes to mind but there are many others. Ravelry has pages of horses to try. They’ll give you an idea of the placement and the effects achieved with short rows.
Otherwise it is a process of trial and error I’m afraid. Once you’ve gotten something you like, you’ll be on your way with a solid basis for future designs. Good luck with the projects which sound like fun!

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Thanks, I was afraid you’d say that though! I’ll have a look at my Alan Dart patterns later, though, good idea!

Just an advice try making new concepts and make a survey to children whether they like the design or not.

I appreciate that, I sort of have an obsession with horses/ponies of all kinds though, so that’s what I really want to make; I’ve seen crocheted My Little Pony toys (presumably made for adult collectors or older children) and I’m sure there would be people interested in making knitted versions as not everyone does crochet (I don’t).
I already have a target audience in mind :slight_smile: whether I can eventually do them justice is another thing!

After I do ponies I might do some cute, unusual exotic animals!

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My daughter is watching Little Pony, maybe you should check it out and you might get some inspiration. :slight_smile: As for me, I am thinking of making some clothes for dogs, then I saw these dog clothing which has good designs and choices to choose from to any kind of season. I’m thinking should I just buy 1 to make it as my reference if i will do one. What do you think of ?

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I could certainly do that, lol.