Designing your own shrug !?

Hi hi. Well, we got into shrug patterns over in the topic under
Socks in General Knitting and now I’m hot to trot with making my first shrug.

I’ve looked and looked at the Interweave shrugs. [size=2]

I like the pink ribbed one that Sara is making but I want one that is WIDER at the back. (vertically I mean) That one is only 6 inches and I need more warmth than 6 inches. I know I want elbow length sleeves.

I don’t want it to fit too tight. :shock: I want it to be a bit interesting. Comfy. And simple enough for me to make.

I’m wondering, I know if you just do the rectangle and then fold it and sew the sleeves up… doesn’t that feel a bit like a straightjacket? Has anyone made one and feels it’s comfortable? That does look the easiest but I’m not sure if it will be wide enough to cover some of my back.

I’m also considering these two (one which Amy has posted)
Has anyone made these?

(That one is gorgeous. But is it too difficult?)

Then there’s this one which might be what I want. But is it ugly?

. :rollseyes:

It does look comfy.

[color=red][/color]Any thoughts?

:clubs:[color=blue][size=2]The Mod Squad was here[/size][/color] :thumbsup:

So I’m continuing here… nothing like getting fanatical over finding the right pattern…

I’ve been googling and found this really nice shrug by Debbie Bliss.

You have to scroll down to the last pages of this newsletter) 

(Sounds like some fantastic shop there!)

But, can you imagine, the sizes go UP TO 36 bust. Geez, give me a break. And, I’m not sure if I can follow that pattern. It’s a nice design though isn’t it?

I’ve made a simple rectangle shrug(blog entry).
I think it’s quite comfy, but the yarn also stretches a bit.
You can make the back wider if you just increase stitches before the back part and decrease the same amount afterwards.
So basically it’s not a rectangle anymore, but the same scheme.

Hey Vic, I have done the big rectangle method with this little tutorial here (click on Tammy shrug)–it’s short sleeved, but you could adapt it to make longer sleeves. The thing about those types of shrugs are that they’re super easy, and you could just increase when you’re done with the sleeve part to make the back wider and then decrease when you get to the second sleeve. They’re aren’t quite as polished though, because your sleeve seam kind of turns outward when you put it on. You could do the method the person uses in this one: and then you wouldn’t have the seams. I don’t really like that one, but I’m sure you could make it less puffy or something.

And that last one you posted is beautiful! :inlove:

Love that design, but size 3 needles??? UGH. The only thing I want to do with needles that small are socks. :wink: You could go with the rectangle for the easiest, but if you don’t mind attaching the pieces later, I think knitting the sleeves seperately in the round and then making the side, side, back peices to measure as long as you want them wouldn’t be too difficult.

Javede, that’s a darling shrug! Really sweet.

Yeah Mer, I think I just might do that drop stitch shrug. It looks easy and stretchy and fun. Then I want to try the fancier one, the shimmer at Why not have two!

Appreciate the pix… ! :thumbsup: