Designing own pattern: Monograms

So if I were interested in designing my own pattern for a square (for a blanket), I could technically use graph paper and draft it myself, correct? I intend on using letters for a monogram, but in case I wanted an image, I could do this?

I find that searching what I’m looking for takes forever and as long as I read the pattern correctly and the number of stitches, it will turn out, correct?


You can do this. Be aware though that knitting stitches are not square though so it will alter the way it looks. It may not make a difference, but it’s worth doing samples to see how it works out for you. If you know your gauge (by having done a swatch) you can print your own graph paper here.

It definitely is doable. I’ve done it many times. You can also print your image on the graph paper or print graph paper on a transparency and lay that over the image.

Oh, clever idea about the transparency! No idea hoe todo all that, but it sounds great! :lol:

This site also recommends graph paper and provides a link to a program that will print out charts of your design.