Designing a pattern?

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]:waving: I’m making myself some lovely yarn by putting a softee chunky yarn with some thin multi-coloured yarn. I love the way it looks when knit together.
The trouble is… I can’t find a pattern I like and one for which I have enough wool for a sweater… simple and easy…
Here’s what I’m looking for…
Top down (hopefully, tho’ I’ve never done it before) st. st. (which means I knit every round), no collar to speak of, loose without much fitting, short or mid-length sleeves. I want to do the ribbing with the same needle I’m knitting the rest of the sweather with, except it will be ribbing not st. st… same for the sleeves.
I want it to end below my waist so I don’t show off my tubby tummy…:aww:
Any ideas on where I can find such a pattern, or close to it… or how I can managed to construct my own pattern… keeping in mind that I’m relatively new to knitting. Even tho’ I did a lot of knitting at one time… that was 30 years ago and I’ve forgotten.

Here is a “template” more than a pattern for a top down raglan. You use your measurements and your gauge to fill in the blanks for your sweater and it’s very customizable.

Incredible Custom Fit Raglan Sweater

There’s also pattern generators for top down raglans at and that work like the one Marria posted the link to. The last site also has one for a top down yoked sweater.

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Thank you, both of you! You have given me some good things to look at. The Incredible Custom fit sweater is perfect. I knew I’d seen it somewhere but was totally unable to find it again. But I’ve printed it out now so I have it.
I’ve also bookmarked the other one because it has good info on getting gauge… something I really need.
It’s so nice of you to reply to my question.
Thanks again! :muah:
:knitting: [/COLOR]

Have you ever made a sweater from this pattern?

Yes, a cotton baby sweater. I made it with quite a bit of ease though for my niece when she was about a year old so she’d have room to grow into it.