"Designer" Cats

Let me start off by saying these cats are indeed, absolutely beautiful, and, their being is through no fault of their own, but, does anyone else find it absolutely horrible?

I just read an article of Yahoo about the [B]Ashera[/B] cat costing $22,000 (plus an additional $6,000 for the “premium placement option”). The cat is gorgeous, but I find it incredibly sad that there are so many sweet, wonderful, healthy animals in shelters just waiting for someone to adopt them and too many of them are being put to sleep for no other reason than the shelters run out of room.

It saddens me that these animals are a trend; an accessory. Im sure the animals will be well cared for, sporting a price tag of $22,000, but, it just breaks my heart thinking about the animals in shelters who need good, loving homes.

i have to be honest, im a dog person not a cat so i dont really see any special difference. its cute, as is any other car ive seen :slight_smile: i agree its sad that this has become a trend

It’s still a cat,there are plenty of cats that are ‘beautiful’ and ‘regal’ without having to shell out such exhorbitant prices.

Since they’re only breeding fifty of those a year, it will be a long time (read never) before I see one.

It is beautiful and looks like a wild cat, but that is a bit steep. :zombie: Now I can see value in the new hypo allergenic cats. My daughter wants a cat so bad and is allergic so maybe someday they will be more reasonably priced for people like her. :thumbsup:

I know there are lots of animals that need homes, but I don’t really see an issue with these high priced cats. Both dogs and cats have been bred over many years with specific goals like to obtain a dog that is a keen hunter, or a cat with no hair. I don’t think the Ashera is any different other than it’s price, but I’m sure when the retriever was first bred successfully, it had a hefty price tag too. The Ashera just a new breed in the vast lexicon of dog and cat domestic breeds. And a quite stunning one at that.


I have a “hypo-allergenic” cat. He is a Devon Rex. They do have fur, but not very much. My sister, who is very allergic, also has one. She is still has some allergy symptoms, but not as severe as with a “normal haired” cat. They are expensive to buy as kittens, but much less expensive if you get a cat instead of a kitten. I bought mine when he was a year old for $200. The breeder had kept him because she thought he would be a good show cat. Luckily for me, his fur was not perfect, making him pet quality and not show quality.

As for the Ashera, it is beautiful! I would love to have a 30 lb. kitty! Every time I go to the zoo I covet an ocicat.


Lifestyle pets? Ew. These are living breathing beings not toys. It amazes me the way we humans treat animals. In Oregon there are Sea Lions at the Benneville dam eating up a lot of Salmon so now they want to shoot the sea lions. We humans create these problems for animals and then when things go wrong (genetic defects of designer pets?) we end up screwing things up even more. Like people dumping animals cuz they can’t afford vet bills. Ugh! It’s shameful.

The difference is the established breeds developed over many years and many generations. These dogs were bred for a specific purpose, not as “an accessory”. The purpose of breeding a particular dog was ALWAYS TO BETTER THE BREED.

Nowadays, however, dogs and these designer cats are bred for one reason. The $$$$$. Code of Ethics breeders are few and far between, while puppy mills flourish. These designer cats are the same thing.

We are seeing, cancer, heart/breathing/orthopedic problems. Temperament/aggressiveness is also on the rise in ALL breeds.

All due to indiscriminate breeding.

Nope, I am vehemently 100% against designer cats, dogs, gold fish anything!

I wish folks who buy these animals would take all that money and donate it to rescues and shelters. And take in a few of the poor little guys who really need a loving home.

Good grief. That is a beautiful cat, and I’m sure the breeders have their purposes for creating it, and for charging so much for it, but all the free cats must be feeling pretty blue right about now.

I agree that it’s kind of ridiculous to buy a pet just as something to carry around in your purse. What happens to the pet when purse animals aren’t in style anymore? They’re living creatures, not bracelets or stuffed animals. There are so many great animals hanging out in shelters right now that would be so excited to have a home, and not only will they do it for free, but they’ll also love you that much more for rescuing them from the inevitable. I know, I have 3 rescue dogs. They know they’ve been saved, and they’re that much more loyal and appreciative and loving because of it.

I will never pay for an animal, no matter how much it is, as long as I can save one.

Nope, I am vehemently 100% against designer cats, dogs, gold fish anything!

What must be remembered, all dogs are designer dogs. Whether, designed for designed for hunting, guarding or just keeping fleas off Victorian Nobility.

Not the same thing. You are quite correct that the breeds we know today were bred for a specific purpose.

What we are seeing today is indiscrimant breeding to make $$$.

For instance my dog. He is a Rottweiler, a herding and draft dog. There is a distinct standard for his breed (and all breeds).

My dog is so far out of standard it is crazy! He has a long coat, he is too big, he couldn’t herd his way out of a paper bag. he has hip and elbow displaysia, and it cost me $2000 to have his entropic eye corrected…all genetic issues from bad breeding. But is he beautiful? Heck yes, look at him! But he should never, ever be bred.

He came out of an unethical back yard breeder who sold him to his original owner as a “rare, long haired Rottweiler who could bring in much $$$ if used for stud”. When the “patsy” found out he was worthless for stud fees he ended up in a shelter.

Agreed! One of my Boxers snout is much to long, coat to thin and long, she also loves to hunt and stalk birds(not a boxer trait). We love her just the same and believe in spaying and neutering as soon as possible. BYB’s are the worst of human kind.

Your boxers are GORGEOUS! The thing is we LOVE our pets no matter what:cheering:

Hmmn…at least with most cross bred dogs, they were achieved by “natural” conception. I wonder how these cats were created?

In a test tube? Or was some poor cat subjected to mating with a jungle cat? And are these cats like mules now? Sterile? Or can they reproduce?

All I’m saying is that it’s easy to split hairs when making comparisons between this breed and that breed or why, how, when someone obtains a pet. I think we could go down the line and find a so-called “unethical” reason that led to each and every breed of dog or cat. I mean, is it really ethical to cross breed a dog to make it bigger and stronger just so it can do work for humans? Let alone the fact that that increased size leads to hip dysplasia. (Just making a point here, I don’t think a Rottie is unethical!)

I would never pay $20K for a cat, so I’m certainly not propagating it’s breeding, but I can’t honestly say it’s wrong when I don’t have an issue with Rottweilers either. Just because the Rottie has been here longer, doesn’t mean it’s better.

I’m getting a puppy in 6 weeks. Is it wrong that I’m not getting it from a shelter? He’s 2 weeks old, born to a friend’s dog and they don’t want to keep the pups, or sell them (even though they’re pure bred), so I’m taking one.

All that matters to me is how the animal is treated, regardless of where it comes from.

OK, I think we are kind of agreeing but also kind of not:)

Anyway, what I think is wrong is to fool around with an established breed (cat or dog) if it isn’t to make the breed better. By better I mean healthier, good temperament, good genetics, etc.

My dog is such a good example. One of the things that is RUINING Rotties is that they are being (and have been for a long while) bred by unethical breeders to be bigger than the standard. And you are very right about this causing orthopedic problems.

When “101 Dalmations” first came out years ago, Dalmations were bred fast and furious to keep up with the demand…they were the latest fad. Thousands ended up in shelters because of temperament problems.

Are you wrong to take your friend’s puppy? No. I am sure you will give it a great home and lots of love.

Was your friend wrong to breed? YES. Being a pure breed is NOT enough.

Off the top of my head a Code of Ethics Breeder will/must do the following:

  1. Health Clearances on sire and dam pertaining to breed - hips, elbows, eyes, heart. NOT cheap. They will also check on health clearances of the lines of both.

  2. Ensure that both sire and dam are titled in either conformation, obedience, agility, schutzhund, etc, depending on the breed. Titled dogs not only are in the physical standard the also have a sound temperament. The best of the best makes the breed better.

  3. The breeder will interview prospective buyers and pick the pup FOR them.

  4. The breeder will guarantee the pup FOR LIFE. Say, you buy a pup, that turns out, when grown, is wired wrong and despite training is impossibly aggressive. The breeder WILL refund your money and take the dog back. The breeder will also put the dog down.

I bet some of you think it is bit “much”. Considering the state we are in now regarding homeless animals and breed specific legislation no, it isn’t.

Not even close.

Well lemme just say this, my friend isn’t a “breeder” per se. She’s not selling puppies and while it may not have been the best decision to let her two dogs mate (accident or not), all the pups have future homes. And the female will be spayed soon. So maybe, no harm done?

Regardless of my puppy’s pure bred status, it’s not like I’m going to have him registered and don’t care how well he fits the standard mold. Just like your Cyrus doesn’t fit [I]their[/I] mold of perfect, but does fit yours. :heart:

We do both agree that all animals should be loved and cared for though, so :hug:

YUP!:hug: back at ya

I suppose it’s easy to be judgmental of others, and I personally think that anyone who pays that kind of money for a pet is nuts, but every single breed today was a “designer” breed at some point and was bred for specific profit whether they were monetary or to gain a more effective hunting dog, etc.

The problem with animals in shelters is a sad one and a huge one, but that’s hardly the fault of these people. I’d be willing to bet that none of these cats will ever see a shelter.

I’ve adopted a number of pets from shelters over the years and think it’s preferable to paying huge sums of money for a pet when rescuing one from a shelter is simply more responsible. But I also don’t judge those who choose to go a different route.

Hm, I actually think that the crazy high price tag is a good thing. If those cats were cheap, everyone would get one, and they would be bred like crazy. But, because it’s so high, and they sell so few, the breeders are able to have a much greater quality control standard.