Design in socks

I’m looking for some help putting in a design of hearts into a pair of 2 color socks. My yarn is Lang Jawoll superwash in deep pink/black twist, and then a solid in deep pink. I’m going tomake the cuff, heel and toe in deep pink. I want to add designs of deep pink hearts – not sure if I should try fair isle or use a duplicate st once the socks are finished? I need to make these as fast as I can (I’m not a fast sock knitter yet) so please advise based on speed as well as looks.

Have not started them yet… thanks in advance!! :heart:

Since I don’t know how to do intarsia I’d probably use fair isle and catch the yarn on the back so it won’t catch on your toes as you put them on. Graph the pattern first so you know how many to do based on your CO stitches, too. Fair Isle is less stretchy though so keep that in mind and don’t pull to tight if you do decide to use that method.

Everybody says that you can’t do traditional intarsia in the round, so if you’re making the socks in the round (and most sock patterns are), you probably need to consider fair isle or duplicate stitch.

If you have a repeat motif of hearts, with a few stitches in between of your background color, fair isle would be excellent. If you just want one big pink heart, maybe duplicate stitch. (Although be aware that duplicate stitch will make your fabric stiffer and thicker at that point.)