Desgin challenge help

I have backed myself into a knitting corner. One of my co-workers has this beat up watch she has attached to her keychain. It is about the size of the one you see in the photo.
Seeing the state of the watch, I joked that I should knit her a watch cozy.
This was a joke, mind you. But now she’s challenged me to make her one.

The first thing I did was to google watch cozy.

no hits.

I hate backing down from a challenge :roll:

So I need help from all of you bright people :muah:

Here are my thoughts

  1. I need perhaps a really thick layer for the part that goes in front of the watchface to prevent further cracks. I don’t know the best way to do this–perhaps knit two front pieces and seam them together and then attach them together prior to seaming them to the back? :??

  2. I need to come up with a design feature so the cozy does not slip right off of the watch :shrug:

  3. I need to figure out a way to make it relatively easy for the person to open the cozy to see what time it is :wall:

Please Help!!! :notworthy:

I’m thinking something like a really small pillow sham, where an opening in front of the watch face kind of overlaps, with a buttonhole at the top for the keychain to go through.

The watch would be viewed by spreading the 2 overlapping layers apart.

Persoanlly I’d knit a rectangle that would be 3x the width of the watch when felted. I’d sew it so that themiddle third would be the back, and the left and right thirds would overlap, providing extra cushioning for the face of the watch.

I agree with brownishcoat about the bottonhole on top…then I’d leave the bottom open, so you’d just have to slide it up to see the face of the watch. Does that make any sense?

Was thinking the same as Julie. Rectangle with the ends folded up. It might be nice if you could felt it!