Describe me in one sentence (or paragraph)

For my new blog, I have to describe myself in one sentence. No easy feat. For those of you who know me well, how would you describe me in once sentence?

If you’re really ambitious, I need a short paragraph bio, too. I am not a good writer, esp. when it comes to talking about myself. Help, please help.


I hate that this is sitting here without a response.

You’re giving, outgoing, generous with your time and have a really nifty hat!

:thinking: Lesssee

you’re sweet, funny, generous, loyal and a LIBRA!


oh and darned cute, too! :slight_smile:


Loveable smart a$$… :wink:

:blush: :oops:
I never expected such NICE responses from everyone! Wow! I was expecting something more like Joel Louises reply. THANKS yall, I had no idea!!!


Yes but who’s is more acurate?

I had the mental image of giving, fun, take no crap attitude…I would so love to hang out with you!

So mesmerizing, that you are beyond description.
I was winging it there.

Yes but who’s is more acurate?

I had the mental image of giving, fun, take no crap attitude…I would so love to hang out with you![/quote]

Oh, I’m sure it’s a bit of both. I do love me some sarcasm. I’d love to hang out with you too, Lisa! C’mon down!

Writing a bio for someone you’ve never met IRL (In-Real-Life) is an interesting challenge. And as I explained to Denise in a recent IM, there will never be a complete one-sentence description of a person. People have too many facets for that. Even this Bio will be far from complete, but for those of you who read it, hopefully, it will be a starting point from which you can learn more.

So who is Denise?

Like all of us, Denise, was born and gifted with a unique set of genetics and then molded into the person she is from years of experiences. You’ve seen the icon, the pictures, and some of you may have even chatted with her on webcam. But for a moment, I’ll briefly describe her…

~ Medium-long brown hair, slender build, a little over 5 foot tall, she smokes, occasionally wears her glasses, and enjoys a glass of wine. Additionally, she has often been caught smiling or laughing.

~ Gifted with a relatively quick wit she often fires off smart a$$ comments as fast as she receives them (sometimes faster).

~ Creative and crafty, she’s knitted, made jewelry, done cross-stitch, and with her SO (Significant Other) done woodwork - completing knitting needles and crochet hooks.

~ Pro-America and pro-military, the Independence Day holiday is almost as important in her home as Christmas.

~ Outgoing, she’s often the instigator of KH Chat sessions and IMs. She also spearheaded the creation of a knitting group in her area that now includes 6 people. In additon to that, she’s also served as a reference (and teacher) for knitting to more than one person.

~ Caring, she’s spent time using her talents for the benefits of others (i.e. knitting caps for chemo patients and getting on my case for not going to the doctor when I should).

~ She likes seeing what others are making and enjoys showing off her own creations. She often uses her creations as gifts or sells them as additional income.

~ And finally on a personal note, I’m glad to call her a friend.

AWWWWWW! Joel Louiiiiise! That was SO sweet! Guaranteed to boost ANY girls’ self esteem!

I’m not ALWAYS a smart a$$… just most of the time. :wink:

Awww… Joel, I am genuinely at a loss for words! You are very kind.

Now, [size=6]mark the freakin calander[/size] Deede is speechless!