Denise vs. Knitpick Options

i know theres already the forum about interchangeable sets, but i just want to know if any1 has both the Denise Interchangeables and Knit Picks Options. if so, which do u prefer?

I have Denises and a few Options pieces (not the whole set). Overall, I like Options better for the same reasons everyone else gives, especially the flexible cables, and the overall slickness – I like the way the work glides along the needles.

I have both and I like the organization of the denises but like the slickness and the thin cables on teh options, I usually knit with the options- probably 90% of the time. come to think about it, since I got the options in Oct, I haven’t used the denises since. And I had one of my needles not screw into the cable and called them and they sent out a new pair of that size needles, so I asked i fthey wanted me to send the defective ones back and she said, “if you want to” Great customer service. The denises are made in the USA and the others are made in, hum, I dont remeber.

I have both and I only use my Denises when the Options needles are being used for another project. LOL

I love addis and since the options are kinda like the addis, I prefer the options. My skin reacts with the nickel plating, but someone here told me to use brasso to remove the deposits that my needles get after I use them and it works like a charm, so I’m very happy! :muah:

I recently doubled my Options set so I would never not have the right size.

Oh… and FYI… I wrote them about a 16" cable. they said watch for new Options products in the Spring! :cheering:

denise is losing soo badly! i didnt expect this; miss amy was sing their praises so i expected that every1 else here loved them too.

i dont have either, but i was leaning towards denise because:

  1. they’re cheaper
  2. they’re plastic and lighter on the hands (or so i’ve heard)
  3. u can get them in pink and support breast cancer research all in one shot!

still i might wanna check those Options out…

Buy one for yourself and then ask for the others for Christmas. I bought the denises first and then remembered how much I love the addis so I thought I’d try the options.

Wow, lots of Options lovers here! :smiley:

I own the Options set, as well as the Boye Needlemaster, and Webs Bamboo set, and the Denise of course. They’re all great sets in their own way, each set has their own definite pro’s, and their own definite con’s. If your priority is slick needles, then DEFINITELY the Options would be #1, and Boye #2. If your priority is flexibility in what you can knit, the Denise is #1, having by far the shortest length, 17" tip-to-tip needle. (I tried knitting a hat on my Options set, and it was maddening. I’m not very fond of Magic Loop knitting, nevermind for an entire hat. :wall:)

Ooh, Kelly, I hadn’t heard that. I sure hope Options does get a shorter cable, their current shortest length makes a 24" long (tip to tip) needle, which is absurdly long as the shortest size, and clearly they could go shorter without sacrificing comfort! That 24" length is my major complaint about the set. Really the only complaint I have about the set! So if they do get a nice short length out, I’ll be singing another tune!

:thinking: Comparing the ease of flexibility of the cables (and the length of needle before the cable bends sharply), I think the Options set could go closer to the Denise 17" length than any other set out there. 18" no problem, maybe 17"! (I hope they don’t do a 16", I think that wouldn’t be as comfortable given the length of the needle shaft, and cable’s limitations.)
(Oh the torture of waiting! :hair:)

how long are the needles in the Options?

I don’t like Addis because the actual needle is too small. The ones in the Denises are perfect for me.

So if the needle size is like Addis, I don’t think I’ll be purchasing the Options!

From what I’ve been reading I suspect the needle is at LEAST as long as Denises maybe longer. My problem with that is that you can’t use a 16 in cable (smallest Option is a 24 right now) and I don’t like longer than that for hats. Even the Denise one (17in) is too long for kids hats. I have ordered a set of cables and needles to test out the Options. Now they say they are planning on some new additions in the spring so we’ll see what happens. If I like the ones I’m testing I may just stick to Addi 16s for hats. :shrug:

I was very fond of my Denises until Options came out. Now, I hardly touch them. But they have sentimental value, because they were my first. :heart:

I’m proud to say that I was the pioneer of cutting down Options cords to make a shorter circs (at least the first one who wrote about it in KH). I was pretty fastidious in my methodology – using the tip angle of the 17" Denises during use as the limiting factor. Because of this, I’d be very surprised if they went below 18" – it’s about the min you can go without sacrificing comfort.

I could see KP coming out with DPNs in larger sizes, though. Those are fairly inexpensive, and might work for the magic loop averse.

18 in might work for an adult hat, but for kids…no way. I think if they DO make 16 in cables they will have to make needles shorter like Addis. My guess is if they do it will be separate circs not part of the set.

Oh and before anyone calls me on it :teehee: they DO have a few 16 in circs, but they are very small needle sizes only.

i still dont see why ppl like the Options so much. speaking soley on pics and what i can see from my computer, they’re (no offense) ugly and they kinda look more like surgical tools that knitting supplies. plus, it really turns me off that the sizes arent marked, cuz if i start a project and find out half way through i’m using the wrong size, i’m not gonna be happy…

and arent the denises lighter since they’re plastic?

I was concerned that the sizes of the Options needles weren’t written on the needles themselves, but the needles ship attached to a cardboard card that has their silhouettes & sizes on them. I cut that card out and keep it in the carrying case in case I forget the size of a needle. I have them organized in pockets by size, so I don’t usually need the card at all. If you’re worried about using the wrong needles, that’s one way of getting around it.

Personally, I find the Options set looks much better–but I didn’t think about that when I got it. And the Options needles are lighter than most of my aluminum circs. But I can’t compare them to Denises since I don’t have those–I have a lot of trouble knitting with plastic needles and didn’t get them for that reason. :shrug:

It sounds like both sets are good for their own reasons though!

Denise needles aren’t plastic…they are resin (yeah I have taken over for Kelly on this one, even as I plan on getting me some Options…lol) I can’t stand plastic at all. I had plastic needles once and didn’t do more than about 10 stitches with them I think because they are horrible. The Denise needles aren’t even remotely horrible. :smiley:

I got the chance to acutally SEE the Options last night…

OMG OMG OMG!!! The join is to DIE for!

I HAVE to have me a set!!!

(might wait until they revise the set next ‘spring’ … :D)

steps up on soap box

Ok I have & love the Denise’s… They have more sizes of cords, can be used so easily for stitch holders, then back to needles, then… add more cords, and make afghans. They just came out w/ 2 new sizes of needles, and cords.

I love the resin, it is light but sturdy. My son-in-law- a Marine MP, can use them, and he held his 18month old daughter and “helped” her use them.

The fit any size hand.

I made a huge, and I mean huge afghan… KING SIZE… (only cause daughter was pregnant & I had to spoil her) with the Denise’s. The cord never gave way, & I used 2 strand worsted weight.

They have survived my cat grabbing them & running. (she’s still alive), they have survived being dropped too many times to count, and always stays on the cable… has never even came loose.

Thank you for your time

steps off soap box

I hate plastic needles, but I do like the resin Denises. My Options sample is on the way so I’ll know more in a few weeks.

Would someone with a set of Options please measure the needle for me?

thanks!! :muah:

It says somewhere on a review of them which you can find on google. I am almost certain they are 4.5 inches long. They are exactly the same length as the tips of my Addi circs size 6 and 9, 24 inch. They are longer than the tips of my Addi circs sice 6 and 9, 16 inch.