Denise set for sale--Sold

I have a full set of Denise needles for sale. I am selling them for $40 and I will pay for shipping. (US only…sorry) I take paypal account transfer or a money order. PM me if you are interested.

[size=2][color=gray]I also have another set that I will be selling but I need them until my Options set arrives! Let me know if you are interested and they will be yours as soon as the options arrive![/color] [/size] [color=red]This set is now spoken for…[/color]

Okay…I now have three of these sets available. One is actually spoken for though so I have two sets that are ready to go to new homes.

If someone pays for them by Saturday, I will take $35 and pay for the shipping. I will take paypal bank transfers or Knitpicks gift certificates for this! :thumbsup:

PM me if you are interested or have questions.

(oh yeah and you who have spoken for the first pair will get that price too! :teehee:)

Two out of the three sets are spoken for as of now. Only one more left!

At this point all three sets are on hold for someone. If any falls through I will make them available again! :thumbsup:

Well there you go. You can use your proceeds to fund your new pink camo bag purchase. :wink:

as well at the pink and green cutlery :teehee:


Well as long as I don’t have to pay for the :!!!: handling :teehee: :roflhard:

I don’t have pink and green cutlery…sheeeeeeeeeeesh!

I think the only handling you will have to pay is a KIP! :wink:

That is the kind of handling charge that I can handle :teehee:

You know that there will be a day when you own pink and green cutlery. It is only a matter of time :teehee:


Ya know i was talking to a woman at my part time gig last night who wanted to return a bean bag she got her daughter for christmas. i was helping her pick a new one and she wanted to make sure that she could get a pink one because her daughter’s bedroom is pink and orange. I said “That’s GREAT! My bathroom is those colors!” She said “My daughter’s 11.” I said “well yeah, I AM in my 30s!” :teehee:

I can’t helllllllllllllllp it!