Denise Needles - Europe?

Hey guys, I am trying to find anyone who has used Denise needles on international flights to and from Europe? I am flying delta so I was hoping it wouldn’t be an issue. I am simply looking for someone who has any experience with this, so please only reply if you have attempted to do some with the Denise set specifically in Europe.


I have flown with Denise needles from California to Jamica and it wasn’t a problem. I also contacted the airlines prior to flying. I flew on Southwest, Delta, and American.

I flew from USA to Maldives and then to singapore …no problem with addi-turbo and options…

It seems like the regulations are changing daily here in the european community. So most definitely call the airline before you leave so you know what’s allowed and what isn’t. Also, not all european countries have the same regulations right now, so it depends on what country you’re flying to/from.

i agree with you…when i flew thru japan…they almost wanted to take my addi-turbo… but after i told them i had been flying with my needles almost to many country …no one had confiscated them…they let me thru… so that was a close one

I have read all the rules etc, I am just trying to find out if someone specifically tried too with those specific needles as I can’t find anyone who has said they did.

I’m going from the US to london.

Denise e-mailed me back when i asked and the answer was not conclusive, same with any rules etc… so I would like to find someone who did.

I think the only conclusive answer you will get is once you are safely back home from flying both directions with them. Until then, your best bet is to contact the airline, and probably more specifically the airport you are flying through, since the people who would stop you aren’t actually the airline so much as the TSA.

The best advice I can give you is to print out a copy of the airline’s rules, from online, listing what can be taken aboard. Some security staff will confiscate things supposedly allowed on board. Faster to show them the list than to have their boss down to the gate.

London has the strictest rules in Europe right now, for the simple fact that they have been targetted/threatened more than any european airport. This won’t be a problem on your way IN but it could mean that they are very strict about your carry-on luggage on your way OUT. Maybe you can ask for a phone number for airport security when you arrive so that you can call them before you leave. Or show up at the airport on your way home a bit early and ASK security before you turn in your luggage.

I have also heard that you can’t take any knitting needles onboard UK flights. So I don’t think you’ll have a problem going there, but coming back you would have to check them.


worst come to worst you might just check your expensive needle and bring one that is old or not your favorite to test the security check point.what i did is bring my not so favorable needles and use the lifeline to thread the last row of my work…so if it get confiscated i surrendered the needles but keep my work (which it still in tact on the scrap yarn) u won’t feel the pinch about the needle and still got your work in one piece…

hope it help…

so no one here as flown to europe (london etc) with a Denise set? Alrighty. Ah well. Was hoping to find someone who had tried.

I have but that was before all the latest rules and regs which is why you’d best find out from the horse’s mouth, i.e. the TSA and your airline.

Best of luck.

I researched those items before I posted here.