Denise Needles. Big Issues

I know this should probably go under the Denise thread, but I am so frustrated, I wanted to share and hopefully get some feedback asap. I have had a set of Denise needles for just over a year now and have used them constantly in that time. When I first got them, I thought they were totally perfect, now, I am not so sure. As time has gone by, they have become easier and easier to unlock from their cords to the point that they are coming apart every row that I knit. Has anyone ever had this happen? It’s driving me crazy. I have had to start so many projects over because they unravel so much before I can get them back onto the needles.

Any ideas? I have a call into Denise, but I wanted to see if anyone had heard of this happening before.


Ok, update-- after reading the big long Denise thread, I realized that they are actually supposed to make a “click” noise when you turn them. Mine don’t and never have. So, I think that is the problem, but I am so happy to report that I spoke with someone at Denise and she has asked that I send them back and she will send out a new kit!! Yahoo!! I am sooooo happy that I could jump up and down!!!

Yet another reason to LOVE Denise!!! They have the best customer service ever!!

I’m so glad that you got satisfaction from the Denise company about your needles. :cheering: I got my set a week ago and I have been using them every day since I got them!! I am amazed how nice and strong they seem to be while I am doing all this knitting. I’ve used the size 11’s and am using the size 6’s constantly and both are very sturdy and strong. But it’s nice to know if a problem should arise that they will “keep us happy”. I too LOVE this whole set. :inlove:

I have a few Bamboo needles and really thought I loved them…but I really like my Denise even more. Smooth like butter!! lol :XX: :XX:

So glad to hear you had a good experience with them. I’ve never heard anything but good things about their customer service!

Glad you got it all straightened out and it’s good to know they offer such good customer service!

[size=1]I’m thinking of ordering another set soon…[/size] :shock:

I am thinking a set of them are in my future as well. Altho I do so love my needlemaster set. :doh:

They were really great when I had a question… I was a newbie and couldn’t figure something out… ( like how to use as stitch holders…hehe… like I said I was totally newbie… 3 weeks & thought I should make a poncho… bad idea… very bad… but I regress) anyway… they were so kind to explain how to "work " everything… very patient… now… looking back I can’t believe I actually called & asked… Now if only they could figure out a way to make the smaller size needles…

They really DO have excellent customer service…

I do love my Denise set. I have the boye set too (finally after two people not delivering them and having to get refunds) which I’ve not used! I SHOULD have used it for the Lucy Bag but instinctively I reached for the denise set.

I sometimes have that problem too, more with certain cord and needle combinations. How loud is the click supposed to be?