Denise Needle Video Review and Walkthrough

There’s been a bunch of threads on KH lately about the different needle sets available to knitters. Amy and I filmed a review and walkthrough of the Denise Interchangeable Needles:

We’re also working on a similar review for the Knitter’s Pride Kits. I hope to have it up soon.

We hope this walkthrough gives some insight into the strengths and weakness of this kit and helps knitters make a more informed decision on whether this kit is right for them. Enjoy!:slight_smile:

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I tried to click on the link for the video and I get an error message. It says that the page has been moved.

Just fixed it. Thanks!

Great video demo! I thoroughly enjoyed! :heart: I learned a some new things about the Denise kit which I’ve personally owned for years! The Denise kit was my very first interchangeable needle kit!

Addi was my first interchangeable (lol) and I still <3 my Denise!!!

I seriously need a rainbow set. Is it necessary to have two sets of Denises? Give me an excuse? Lol

I personally knit on a Denise2Go kit and I really like it. It’s a small interchangeable kit containing only 6 pairs of needles (US #5 - #10). Same type of needles and cables as the big kit, just scaled down and put into a fabric bag. We may start carrying this kit at some point.

As a beginner, I find they are a great fit for me. The needles are fairly smooth, but not as smooth as metal needles, so my work doesn’t fall off. But on the other hand, they don’t grip as much as wood or bamboo, which is good as I am still figuring out my tension. The tips are not overly pointy, so I rarely have problems with splitting stitches, but can easily continental purl and K2tog.

I always like metal needles aesthetically. They just look classy. When Amy was teaching me to knit, I was disappointed when she started me off on a pair of Denise. But having knit for a while now, it makes sense as they are very beginner friendly. And even now, having knit a few small projects on my own, I still reach for the Denise. I find them more comfortable and easier to work with than metal needles. I did try using KP Options and I found the points hurt my finger tips after a while and I was more prone to losing stitches on the needle. These are things that surely I would adapt to as my knitting proficiency progressed.

Just putting my review out there. Denise Needles may not be for everyone, but I do feel like they are a good match for me at this point in my knitting career. :mrgreen:

It might surprise you to know that I reached for my Denises over my Addi set that I’ve had for (!) Nearly 4 years. I’m knitting the baby jiffy sweater (I have a thread in Whatcha Knittin’) that has the most absurd amount of increases and decreases in one project that I’ve ever done. M1, KFB, K2TG etc. No problems. Knitting with Gloss DK, too.