Denise interchangeables for magic loop knitting?

Does anyone know if the cords on the denise needles are thin enough for magic loop knittig?

thanks :slight_smile:

Good question.

I wish I knew, but I haven’t used that set. Anyone else know??

I just got the new set of Boye interchangeables, which have a thin cord that looks like it would be great for ML, but the cord is actually pretty stiff, and doesn’t bend nearly as well as a standard circular needle I own. It works, but not much better than the fat old cords that came with the old set!


ooo what’s magic loop knitting???

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Magic loop is a how you can do small-diameter circular knitting, with a single large cable needle. You can make the finger of a glove, using a 30 inch circular needle! There’s a video on it in the advanced techniques section. …I don’t think I’ll ever switch from using my DPN’s for small-diameter knitting, but there’s something satisfying about owning a set of interchangeable circular needles, that can literally do it all!


Thanks Amy. I think i’m going to go ahead and buy the Denise anyway and just buy a separate needle if/when i ever need to do magic lopp knitting. I live in TExas; it ain’t like i’m going to be knitting gloves very often :slight_smile:

OKay, I think i will have to try it! I avoid DPNs at all costs, because I always start knitting inside-out, realize what I’m doing, and have to rip it out and start again (hence why I have 3 half-pairs of gloves finished… i keep telling myself "it’s just the pattern… it’s just the pattern… you’re not doing anything wrong!!!) :roll:

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I own the Denise set and I love love love them!!! I have never done Magic Loop Knitting, but the cords on the Denise are thin and very pliable. I would imagine they would be ok… but don’t quote me. Either way, they are the best thing since sliced bread!!! :slight_smile:


It sounds like the Denise set might work well. Anise, if you get them, let us know!

Hildegard. I’ve heard this many times, that people will rip out their “inside out” circular knitting. You don’t need to rip it out! You just turn it right side out, and you’re back in business! (I need to mention this in the circular knitting section. It’s a common problem.)


Well don’t I have to rip it out if I’m making a thumb or finger that’s already attached to the glove or mitten? If i was just knitting a random tube it wouldn’t matter, but if it’s already connected I can’t turn it inside out, right?

Ahhhhhh, yes, I see what you’re saying. Doh! That’s a drag, to have that happen! No quick-fix there, indeed!

Hi Everybody–This is my first post here 8)

I was just mentioning over on FaeryCrafty’s site that I had come here and viewed the video on Magic Loop knitting. I think it’s going to change my life! I don’t like DPNs for some reason; they feel unweildy to me and I just would rather not have to deal with them.
I cannot WAIT to try the Magic Loop technique. I have the Boye Needle Master (just got it for Christmas, actually, from my DH).
Once I try it, I’ll let you know if the cords are too stiff or if they’re okay.
One thing I’m wondering about. Let’s say I’m knitting a hat in the round from the bottom up, and I’m at the point at which I’d normally have to switch to DPNs. Can I just begin the Magic Loop technique then, or do I have to start the hat at the top?
I am so excited because now I might never have to sew another sleeve seam. Yay!

Great site you have, Amy. It’s really wonderful.

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Yes, you can just start using ML at any time, although you’ll have to switch to a longer cable to do it. (With the interchangable needles this is easy: just use your cable joiner, and slide the work onto the new cable!) Then, to begin knitting, pull the cable out from between two stitches, on the opposite side of the last stitch you knitted. Then slide the knitting up, as in the video, to begin knitting.

That’s great, I hope you love it! Let us know!

The answer is YES! I just learned the magic loop method thanks to Amy’s video and I’m using my Denise Interchangeables. It would be easier with a smaller cord but these are very doable.

Hi Yvonne, go ahead and do the whole project using ML (magic loop)…no need to wait and change…it’s easy and fun from very beginning. Will add great link I found for seeing how to do ML.Magic Loop How To DO