Denise Interchangeable Needles

Does anyone out there in knitting land use the Denise Interchangeable Needles kit? Do you fine it works well? Pros, cons?? I’m thinking of buying a kit but want to get some feedback from others who own a kit before I take the plunge. :knitting:

Yes, there are people that use them here.

I have them, but never use them anymore. I found that the cable wasn’t really flexible enough for magic loop and that the smallest cable/needle combination was about 17 inches and I prefer 16 if I’m not using magic loop. Overall they are nice needles and easy to attach to the cable though so many people do enjoy using them. (I use Knitpicks Options Nickel plated or occasionally Harmony wood)

I have the Denise Interchangeable [I]Crochet[/I] set, and I use it for Tunisian crochet hooks that are longer than 13" quite frequently. The loops come back up onto the main hook without much trouble, and the pointed hook head slips between the loops when it should and doesn’t when it shouldn’t. Very helpful.

I have [B]no[/B] experience with the Denise knitting set, but have been told that, if you have either interchangeable set, you only need to purchase the “business ends” of what you’re missing to have the equivalent of both! I.e., if you have the crochet set already, purchase replacement pairs of knitting-needle ends, and voilá–you’ll have [B]both[/B] the Interchangeable Crochet set and the Interchangeable Knitting set! :cheering:


IMO, Denise is a good set…but for the money…KnitPicks Options Interchangeables [U]is a better value[/U]…and KnitPicks Interchangeables [U]work better overall[/U].

KnitPicks has [U]great customer service[/U], and usually…a real person picks up the telephone! What???
So if anything goes awry with any piece of your KP set…you have someone to call, and she’ll fix you up ASAP, no questions asked, no fuss, no muss.

I have the Denise set (my first interchangeable set), and both sets of KnitPicks OPTIONS
interchangeables (the wood and the metal). I use KP over Denise.

However, Denise cables are neat if you want to park your knitting for a while (attach the endcaps).
The cables are fat and sturdy!

I’m thinking of trying a Denise set as well, BUT, I don’t know how I feel or how I will like [SIZE=“4”] the fact that they’re plastic.
They don’t look very pointy to me. [/SIZE]

Any feedback on that would be greatly appreciated it.

I have Denise interchangeable needles and they are great. The only problem is that there cords are too thick. They are not that pointy but they work well.

I like my knitter’s pride Dreamz interchangeable needles. They are pointy enough but do not hurt your fingers like KP needles do. Their cords are very flexible and do not curl up.

But this is just my opinion :slight_smile:

Thank You HeathersHobbies!!! :thumbsup:

Oh your welcome :slight_smile:

Don’t forget that KH sells both Dreams and Denise now! :yay:

I am currently knitting a baby sweater with my Denise interchangeables. Yarn is wool/silk. Pattern has M1, YO, Kfb and I’m enjoying it. I do not like pointy tips and I like the slight stickiness of the plastic, for control. The needles never come off the cord, either. The needles+cord are super light, too. I like the cord, too.

I <3 them.

I have a set of Denise Interchangeables and I LOVE IT!!!

My very 1st set of interchangeables was a Boye set and they worked for awhile, but the Denise set is a HUGE step up from Boye!!! That being said, I have noticed that the cords are “thicker” than the Boye ones and sometimes it’s hard to move my 100+ stitches around them row by row.

But overall, I really like them!!!
hth, knitcindy

Amy and I filmed a review and walkthrough of the Denise Interchangeable Needles. Anyone who is interested in the Denise set should take a look:

We’re also working on a similar review for the Knitter’s Pride needles. I hope to have it up soon.

We sell both Denise and Knitter’s Pride needles in our shop. Purchasing from our shop is fantastic way to help support

I have the denise interchangeables and really like them. I find that they are easy to knit with, and feel good in the hand. one other thing…which is important to me…I do try very hard to buy American made if I can. and the Denise’s are made in the US.

ETA on the rainbow Denise’???

i second that on the Dreamz needles- the only ones i like more are my hiya’s- not only are the dreams nice and pointy, they are slick and the cables are very flexible- and pretty too!

We have to scrounge up the funds to place a big order. We usually dye between 50 and 80 kits at once, so it’s a bit outlay for us. We’re a bit over-extended due to purchasing all the Knitter’s Pride needles. I’m hoping we’ll get some more made up this month. I will certainly post here when they are ready.



Thank you! I’ll start squirreling $ away to buy a set. My husband is getting me the pastel coloured Denise 2 Go for mother’s day. :smiley:

Can hardly wait to have pastel AND rainbow Denise. :3

I’ve read some complaints about rough key holes/snaggy joins etc online. For $83 needles it made me apprehensive. Can you give your opinion on the snag/ key hole roughness issue? Thanks!

Maybe that was part of the problem I had with DN. I know that no yarn I used slid easily anywhere really. I thought it was something to do with how I knit, maybe not. There had to be a reason I was experiencing all kinds of problems nobody else seemed to have. I guess any product could produce a few lemons. I might get them out and try them again. It’s a long time since I used them at all.

ETA I see from Sheldon’s response that I made the same mistake. Thanks, Sheldon.

I have the Nova needles, I don’t think they’re Dreamz, I’m looking at WEBS and I’m not figuring out just which is Dreamz. My Novas are A#1!

I have a Denise2Go set and I really enjoy it. It’s all i ever use these days. Granted I am not the most prolific knitter. But it’s a fun little set. :mrgreen:

I think Denise has gone through periods of “rough around the edges” manufacturing. I have noted in the past that their needles used to be more matte and rougher and occasionally you’d hear about snagging bits on the cord joins or the needles themselves. I recall knitters advising to use a bit of sand paper to smooth them out.

However, these days Denise needles are almost glossy in their finish. I’m guessing they now polish the needles as part of the manufacturing process. I have not heard recently of anyone having issues with the cables or needles snagging. I think that was a thing of the past. We probably sold more than a thousand sets over the past 8 years, and I can count the number of returns on one hand.

They still rank high as an expensive and versatile set. You get 10 pairs of needles, and a bunch of cords with 2 cord joiners. You can make a very comfortable 17 inch circular which isn’t possible with most other kits unless you buy short needles and an extra cable. Amy frequently knits on 17 inch circular from a rainbow set. And this is a house which has probably over a half dozen different sets (boye, options, dyakcraft, bamboo, etc.). She’s also fond of the Boye set. I think she has a thing for colored needles! :mrgreen:

Edited to add: Whoops. I see you were asking about the Dreamz and not the Denise. I don’t have any info on those as far as snaggy bits go. I have looked them over and I don’t see any obvious defects. But I haven’t knitted on them myself.