Dell, Sony, Toshiba, or HP Laptop? Which Do You Like Best?

I am probably going to order a laptop this week. I will be using the laptop as a replacement to my desktop, so it will get HEAVY use.

I do not plan on getting a mac. The learning curve just won’t suit my immediate needs. So, what do y’all think? Which brand do you prefer?

I’m looking to possibly get one with a 17-inch screen, but someone cautioned me about the weight. I spend so much time on the computer that I really want to see well.

I’m also planning on getting a minimum of 2gb, possibly 4gb.

I really, really don’t want to be repairing anything soon.

Anyhow, I thank you in advance!!


Thought I’d share this…

Here’s an article from USA Today. It’s about Dell customers having to wait quite a while for their newly ordered laptops because of the lack of parts available. So, I’m a bit leery, despite liking Dells.

I prefer Dell myself. I’ve put this one through some heavy on the road use and it’s always done well for me.

I’m very Dell-loyal myself, but Toshiba laptops get pretty decent reviews as far as reliability goes – I wouldn’t hesitate to get one if the deal was right. :slight_smile:

I had two Dell desktops and one Dell laptop. The laptop almost got thrown in the trash the first year. It blew out a fan and a monitor and the Dell warranty service was so slow. They would say the parts were backordered blah, blah, blah then call the next day to see how I liked my service call. I’d tell them it wasn’t fixed yet because the parts were on backorder, this went on for weeks until I got so pissed one night when they called I told the guy I was throwing it in the trash. The next day some local guy came with the parts and fixed it.
I’m leaning towards a Toshiba next, I’ve heard positive things about them, either that or a Sony Vaio. I don’t think I’d go Dell again because of my experience with their service.

another Dell lover here. My brother is a computer programmer and that’s what he recommended to me years ago. I had a Dell PC and now a laptop (Inspiron 5100) that I bought for grad school so over the last 5 yrs it has been dragged to and from class and conferences not to mention being run over by the dogs. My hubby also has one that he bought for grad school - his has more umph than mine as he is completing his PhD and runs Matlab and a lot of engineering programs on his. Neither of us have ever had to use Dell service.


I have a Dell laptop now (Inspiron 1500), and I went with it because it was the only computer I could have with XP. I bought it in July and I have no complains, it does what I want. I never had to deal with their customer service so I can’t comment on that.

When I was doing my Ph.D., the lab had a Toshiba and I think if I had the choice I would have gone with that. I think the design was a bit better, and it seemed to weigh less, which for me is a BIG thing since I’m only 95 pounds and have to drag this thing in public transportation. :wall: . Of course you can buy ultra light laptops but… they are extremely expensive. :shock:

I know its not on the list but I do love my IBM T42P - they don’t look very sexy but they sure take the knocks and bumps and its very sturdy!

I will never get a Dell again, I might accept one as a gift for my 9yo to play with as soon as it breaks with normal use like mine did.
I bought one, had a bad experience with the unit as well as the lack of customer support, I sent them a letter, and a couple years later I actually got a call of someone actually whanting to know what went wrong, and why I felt I had gotten such a bad deal.
other people whose opinions I reespected convinced me to try again, so i bought a set for 2 of my kids. One of them had a bad motherboard, and the (&^&%^*&^&_ customer support dragged out the repairs until the warranty was out, The other one still works, but its slow and bogged down, i have cleaned it up the HD a few times, and gotten things working well, but the system cannot hold up to normal daily uses. I have a Compaq, that has bought HP apparently, The unit is sound, have not had to wipe the HD yet and its handeled some hard knocks, and from what I saw the one time I took it for a tune up (baseline) that it was an expandable unit unlike the Compaq’s of old


I have both a Dell desktop and laptop and most of my extended family also have Dell. I haven’t had any problems and found their customer service to be prompt and friendly. I have heard of people who have had problems though. :shrug:

I’m having a hard time deciding about the screen size. I think I want a bigger screen, but I read one review that mentioned how that laptop’s weight (8.x lbs) wasn’t something that a person would really carry around a lot. The whole purpose of my purchase is the portability factor. We are traveling quite a bit to soccer tournaments, and I’ve got to be able to get online and work on school stuff. But I really want the bigger screen.


I’m only 5’3" and about 110 lbs. But I’m strong.

What to do…

Just to give you an idea, my screen is a 15.4 inches (widescreen). I work on this laptop every day and it’s big enough for me. I wouldn’t want to go smaller though. Yes, 17 inches would be nicer that’s true… but there’s no way I could carry it. :shock:

I guess the best is to get a light computer with a small screen for portability, but have a docking station where you can plug an external monitor, as big as you like, if you regularly work at the same desk. But it’s not an option for everyone, that’s for sure. :shrug:

Good luck!

I have an HP laptop, and the Husband has a Compaq. I haven’t had any issues with it, nor he with his. knock wood Well, except for internet issues, but those are from the ISP, not the computers. Mine is the widescreen, and it’s a bit heavy, but I only lug it around the house. His is much lighter (not a widescreen).

We went with them b/c they were available at Best Buy, were on sale, and we could get the extended idiot warranty. Which came in handy when I dropped mine (about 8 inches) onto the floor and did something to part where the power cord plugs in. Granted, we had to send it in for repair, but it was fixed quickly. (We also had one repaired in the store when one of the cats jumped on the keyboard & pulled the “j” key off. Cats. :roll:) I didn’t want a Dell or a Gateway (one friend referred to his as “the gateway to hell”). I would have loved a Toughbook, but that’s not in the budget. :rofl:

Good luck making a decision!!!

I’ve always had Dell desktops, but this weekend I got an HP laptop and I really like it so far! I have a 15.4 inch screen which seems a little big to me since it makes the overall computer bigger, but its not too bad. The screen is really clear and it has good sound for the speakers it came with. Overall its a good laptop.

I’d go with a Toshiba laptop. I’ve used both, and prefer the Toshiba over the Dell any day.

As for window size, you can get away with the 15.4" screen vs the 17" if you really want to use a bigger screen and have a desktop you can hook your laptop up to the monitor.

I have a Toshiba that is going on 2 years. I have never had any problems with it. They have a great website. Check it out.
Mine is light weight, has a dvd player, lots of memory, I have more music on it than you can imagine. And great wireless to.
I have heard nothing but trouble from DELL, stay away from them!!!:knitting:

Well, I closely examined all of the companies. I have had good experiences with Dell and HP. I have had my Dell for 5 1/2 years, and except for one fan burning out, it has worked well. I’ve only had to add more RAM. My kids have HP laptops, and I haven’t had any problems thus far.

But, I actually wound up ordering an Apple Macbook Pro (you may have seen my other thread about this). It should arrive on Tuesday or Wednesday. I know I paid more than I would if I had purchased another brand, but I want a stable operating system, and I’m not so sure that Vista fits the bill right now.

Thanks for all of the feedback! Y’all are the best!

I’m currently on a Dell Inspiron laptop and I’m not a happy camper:tap:

I’ve had two major issues with faulty parts and both led to absurdly stressful customer service experienced.

I bought a Dell mainly because I heard that they had good customer service and were a reliable product. Well, I wasn’t able to even get my laptop up and running for 2 months after I received it. The customer service is a joke. Usually after waiting 30 minutes to get a rep, I get barely trained so-called technical support people on the phone. They seem to make a practice out of hiring people with a mediocre grasp of English. I’m sorry, I’m Chinese and grew up in a largely immigrant neighbourhood. I usually have no problems understanding folks with accents but most of the service reps had accents so thick they were hard to decipher. Once I got a service rep whose English was so poor that I ended up having to speak at half speed just so he’d understand me. I used the term ‘nonresponsive’ and he asked me what that word meant!?!?! :wall:
For the most part, it seemed that the service reps were practically reading straight out of a manual.

Their customer/technical service dept is not connected to their Parts dept. So you’re having to call the parts department seperately and wait another 30 minutes.

The email tech. support is lacking as well.

The second round of stress came one month after my warranty ran out:gah: It’s like they planned it.
That fiasco took another 9 weeks to be resolved because they kept sending me the wrong part! Actually, someone in the Parts dept. had put the wrong model of that part in the wrong box and they kept sending ones from that mislabeled box.
When I got the wrong part the second time, the service rep I spoke to told me that I probably had another part I needed to replace. He told me this not because there was actually anything wrong with that part but because he didn’t have any other answer for me. It wasn’t until I demanded to speak to his supervisor that I managed to get somewhere.

I didn’t get anything, not even an apology, for all the hell they put me through. I’ve written letters and in email and in hard copy and still no response. I’ve told everyone around me to stay away from Dell. Those that didn’t heed my warnings, all found out the hard way what I already knew.

I’m never buying from Dell ever again! :mad:

Oh wow! I always point people to Dell because I’ve had such good experiences with them. Although I will say that at times, I have felt like I know more about the computer than some of the techs I’ve spoken with.

I think your experience was a bit out of the norm, but I can’t blame you for vowing never to buy from them again. I would probably feel the same way.

Oh well…

My MS Office for Mac arrived today. It’s kind of weird how they send the different parts of my order separately, but as long as I get it, I guess it doesn’t matter. I just can’t wait!!!