So I’m knitting a hat with 64 stitches and I can’t figure out how many stitches until I decrease.
I’m very bad with kitting lingo, if that isn’t obvious. :shrug:

do you mean how many rows before you decrease?

it would depend on the size of the hat.

here is a good chart for hat sizes:

It really depends on how you are decreasing, but I like to start my decrease rounds about 1-2 inches from my final height needed (less rounds to decrease a baby hat, more for an adult).

with 64 stitches I would typically decrease starting every 8 stitches (then knit a row, next row would decrease ever 7, and so forth) but again that would vary depending on weight of yarn

what size are you aiming for?

sorry… i probably created more questions than i answered

If it’s a pattern it should tell you what you need to do.

For a pretty standard hat decrease you can decrease every 8 stitches. Knit 6, k2tog across. Knit one row even. Continue decreasing every other row.

Is it a child’s hat? Here’s a guide based on gauge.

The pattern has it in a different way which I really don’t like because it just looks bulgy and not very pretty. I’m making it for my boyfriend. Umm, I wanted it eleven inches long. so do I start decreasing at nine inches?
I’m sorry, I’m super new at knitting. So I don’t really know what I’m doing.

Can you link to your pattern or give it’s name and where you found it? It’s easier to give appropriate answers when we know what you’re working on.
this is the pattern.

I’m looking at the pattern and it doesn’t call for any decreases. You knit it until it’s as long as you want, divide the stitches onto two needles and work a three needle bind off. That’s how I’m reading anyhow.

There’s actually no decreasing in this pattern in order to make it slouchy. If you want it a little smaller at the top, I’d work it to 10 or 11" and do a round of k2tog all around, then do the 3 needle BO.

See if this tutorial helps with where to decrease. If it’s a bottom up hat, you can try it on (or let the bf try it on), as in the link, to make sure it’s approximately ok. Nice hat!

I know there’s no decreasing, but I’d like too. Because I don’t like the three needle bind off. would that mess it up if I was to decrease instead of the three needle bind off?

Once you get to a couple of inches short of the end you can start decreasing by picking a multiple of your stitch number. If you have about 80sts (8 x 10)for example you can knit 8, k2tog around and then knit a row even(no increases or decreases). On the next decrease row, knit 7, k2tog around and then knit a round even. Keep going like this till you get to a small number of sts (say 8), k2tog around, then put the end on a tapistry needle and thread through the sts on the needle and fasten off.

If you do decreasing, it will look different, but will it mess it up? That’s a personal thing and depends on the look you want. You could do some decreasing and then run the working yarn through the last stitches the same as for a beanie. Depending on how much you decrease it could end up looking like a stocking hat.

No it won’t mess up anything. When you get to 9" or so, work 6 sts in k p, and k2tog, all across the round. Then do one round keeping the rib pattern, which you’ll probably have 2 knits next to each other. Then another decrease round of k5, k2tog around and one round with no decreases. Next k4, k2tog around and also dec on the next round with k3, k2tog. Then k2, k2tog on one round, k1 k2tog on another. You might have to do another round of k2tog, so you get down to 8 or 16 sts and pull the tail through the sts like a drawstring.