Hi everyone. I’m pretty new to knitting. I’ve only made a couple of little things but am working on my first sweater ever! The directions i have call for a decrease of 17 sts for the front and the back. It doesn’t specify what type of decrease to use though. Is there a “default” decrease that works best for these situation?

The two most used decreases are a K2tog (knit two stitches together) and SSK (slip, slip, knit). There are videos for both at the top of this page. A K2tog slants to the right and a SSK slants to the left.

Thanks! so can i use either of those decreases or do i have to use both to make the piece symetrical as one slants left and the other right?

Look at the Decrease section in Basic Techniques. That will show you several that you can use. It depends on which side you make them (usually on the knit side) and if they’re at the edges. If they’re on the edges, you’ll probably want to do one right slanting one /, and one left slanting one \ so they `match’.


Well the patters asks to decrease evenly across the row… so there aren’t any right at the edges. But i should probably decrease left \ on the right side and vice versa?

You could do that - decrease with a SSK (left slanting) for all decreasing that falls to the right of center and decrease with a K2tog (right slanting) for the decreases to the left of center.

If it was me though, I’d probably just do them all as K2tog.

Yeah. i tend to like k2tog the best. I think i’ll just do that across the row.
Thanks !! I love this forum!

Yes, for decreasing several stitches across the row k2tog is the better to do.