Decreasing (top of sock) in k1, p1 ribbing?

Hi!!! Um, ok, I think I read about this once somewhere but I don’t know…

I started a pair of sock for my hub yesterday and they looked a little too big (well, his last pair was also) so I decided to try and bring them in a little for around the ankle, decrease I mean

but I’m in k1, p1 ribbing. So I knit two together but then that throws off the ribbing. I also purled 2 tog but of course that does the same thing, throws the ribbing off. Maybe you just can’t decrease in ribbing? :thinking:

Maybe if you did k2-p2 ribbing? I’m not sure. A different type of ribbing may work better, though.

Aidan, yeah that’s a good solution for next time. I think I’ve done too much to rip (doing 2 socks at same time too). Well, I’ve only done 7 rows on each sock but with dpns that’s a lot sort of to start over. Elizabeth Zimmerman I just read says k2,p2 ribbing on socks is the best. I’ve not done that yet, as I’ve been following a pattern.