Decreasing top of hat

I am making my 1st hat and upon the decreasing rows where I switch to dpns(BTW, can anyone refer me to a good video about this) all my stitches are now purls instead of knits. Am I supposed to turn the hat inside out when I start to decrease? What am I doing wrong?
Thank you.

More than likely you’re knitting on the inside of the hat. Make sure that the outside of the hat is facing you when you’re knitting. The needle side you’re working on will be close to your body, the loop of knitting away. You shouldn’t have to turn it inside out if you start on the correct side of the hat.

In the video section under advanced techniques there are videos for knitting in the round including DPN.

You started knitting the wrong direction and you don’t have to ‘transfer’ the sts, just begin knitting with a dpn instead of the other end of the circular. That way you’ll keep going the same way you have been. Undo the round you’ve done, flip the hat inside out and with the working yarn on the right needle that’s closer to you, start over. The needles should be between you and the hat.