Decreasing sts in a lacy pattern

Hello! This is my first post so am very grateful for any help!!
I am working on a piece for my daughter and the main pattern is made up of:
Row 1: (RS)K2, P1, yon, K2togtbl, P1, K2, rep from to end
Row 2: P2, *K1, P2, rep from * to end
Row 3: K2, *P1, K2tog, yrn, P1, K2, rep from * to end
Row 4: As row 2

It’s all going well (so far!) but I am trying to make a chart to keep the pattern correct when shaping. I need to decrease 1 st at each end of 17th and every foll 14th row. I’m thinking that for the first few sts once I start decreasing where the pattern states yrn or to, I should just do stocking stitch to make sure I don’t alter the placement of the holes further along the row?
Hope that isn’t too garbled! Any advice GREATLY appreciated!

Since you’re decreasing on the ends of the pattern, you can still keep the YOs and decs for the decrease rows, just do K1 instead of k2, then only the p1 instead of k1 on the edges. That takes you up to the 3rd dec, and by then I think you may be able to figure which YOs to drop and sub a k1, and which k2togs to keep.