Decreasing stitches on neck edge

I am knitting the front of a sweater which has a turtle neck. I’m about to start shaping the neck.
The pattern says: Rib 14 turn. Cont on these 14 stitches. Dec one st at neck edge in every foll alt row until 11 stitches remain.
I understand what I have to do, the problem is when I am decreasing, I have to keep in the pattern. The rows are either K2, P3 etc, or P2, K3 etc. What do I do when I have a purl and a knit following each other and I have to decrease staying in pattern? As it is a rib, I was trying to keep each line of ribbing continuing up the sweater, but if I do that, then some of the purl in between each set of ribbing, gets less. Is that right?
All help is appreciated. Thanks

Yes. You won’t have a complete number of knit/purl sts for a rib as you dec. After a dec, just knit or purl the next st however it looks on the row below the needle. This is where you learn to knit the knits and purl the purls instead of trying to keep to the k2,p3/k3,p2 set on the ends.

Thanks for the reply Sue, although I’m still not quite sure. As I’m only working on 14 stitches that are slowly decreasing at the neck edge, when I have a purl stitch and knit stitch or vice-a-versa, how do I decrease a stitch. Do I k2tog, even though 1 stitch is a purl stitch. I know that’s probably not right, but what do I do to get rid of the stitch? I hope this makes some sort of sense.

I would either k2tog or p2tog, whatever looks right with the next stitch.

Thanks Sue. I’ve done one side of the front and it’s not bad, but it’s still a bit off in a couple of places. I might go back and have another go. I’ll just keep trying either way and see which looks better.

If you have a st that looks ‘out of pattern’…and it’s a few rows back…you can undo down to that stitch and rework it (and then back up) with a crochet hook. Same procedure is used to fix mistakes. Saves ripping back if you don’t absolutely have to do it.