Decreasing size of neckband

I knitted a sweater for a friend, the crew neck band was too large for him, rest of pattern ok, he wants the same crew neck pullover. I used the needles as in the pattern. How can I make this 1 or 2 sizes smaller…
Rib pattern: rw.1: rs. K1, *p1, k1 : repeat from *
rw.2: P1, *K1, P1, repeat from *

He would like a smaller neck band, so the shirt collar can hang over?

Going to knit the same pattern as he requested.

Please help…car

You could pick up fewer sts around the neck or pick up the pattern number of sts and then dec on the rib round. Working with a smaller size needle would help although it depends on how much smaller you want the neck to be.
What pattern are you using? Just a name or a link is great.

Thanks, I am using Red Heart " Easy crew neck pullover" largest size.
I hope you can help, this person wants the same sweater, I used a Merino/alpaca yarn.

Merino/alpaca will be lovely. There are a couple of similar patterns from Red Heart but the suggestions above should work. One other thought is to start the center neck bind off in the front a few rows later than given in the pattern. That will also make the neck smaller. Any side of neck decreases should still be ok.
Just make sure it’s not too small to fit comfortably over the head! Use a stretchy bind off.

thanks, I will try one of these suggestions.

I knitted this pullover for this man last yr., he would like a 2nd one , the same, but sent a photo showing the crew neck band & ask if it could be smaller, so his shirt collar could hang over.
I think one of the suggestons will work.

I appreciate your time & suggestions…car