Decreasing- shaping sides of a vest

Hello! I hope someone can help me…:muah:

I started knitting about a year ago, and decided to make something other than hats and scarves, so I opted for a vest. Pattern is from a Pattons mini book called CABLES… the front is basically a basket weave pattern on the left, panel pat A, panel pat B, panel pat C, and basket weave pattern on the right. I have knit the ribbing and 4 rows that set these patterns into position.

The problem is here… I was doing ok b/c the instructions were very specific, but now it changed and don’t know exactly what to do. I know I will decrease and need to keep the same patterns for the panels but don’t seem to understand the instructions… please help.

It reads like this: (** [I][SIZE=“2”]also I think this is a Canadian terminologies[/SIZE][/I])

  1. [B]Shape sides[/B]: cont in pat, keeping cont of Panel pats and [I]dec 1 st at each end of needle on 3rd and every following 10th row twice more.[/I] 34 sts on each side of Panel pat B. Work 14 rows even in pat. [B]What does this mean?[/B]:shrug:

  2. Keeping cont of pat, inc 1 st at each end of needle on next and every following 12th row twice more. 37 sts on each side of Panel Pat B.

3.Cont even in pat until work from beg measures approx 15 and a half ins, ending with 28th row of Panel Pat B.

Moreover, all these instructions form the front pattern with all the panels, but I find it difficult to keep track of rows b/c the basket weave pattern is a pattern of 4 rows, the panel A is 8 rows, panel B is 32 rows, panel c is 8 rows and then again the basket pattern is 4 rows. so should I guide myself from panel B, and if so, are the rows mentioned in #1 and #2 also based on panel B??? noway:

Thanks so much!!

First of all, when I make a pattern with a lot of panels, I make myself a chart so I can keep track of where I am on each panel. Make some columns labeled A B C etc, and underneath list the row numbers, 1-8 for A, 1-32 for B, 1-8 for C. See my drift? This way you can cross out what row you’ve done for each panel and know what to do on the next.

As for the decreases, you’ll be decreasing on the edges, so only the basketweave will be affected. Just eliminate whatever stitch would have been at that edge and keep the rest as you’ve been doing them. You’ll decrease at each end of the 3rd row, the 13th row, and the 23rd row.

:yay: Thank you soooo much Ingrid!

You are very helpful, I will make a chart to keep track of the panels, and NOW I understand about the decreases. Thanks for the translation and quick response! :woot: