Decreasing in Knit One Purl One Ribbing for a Hat?

I am making a simple hat in knit one purl one ribbing, but I don’t know how to decrease in ribbing. I have 82 stitches and I am knitting on a circular needle. Thanks in advance!

Here’s a 1x1 hat - you can see how they decrease.

Any way you want!

[B]you can[/B] make 8 decreases (evenly spaced) and have the classic swirl(it works in ribbing)

[B]you can[/B] decrease (*K1, P1, K2tog) half the Purls in one round, the second half a few rounds latter (*K2tog, K1) and then
a few more rounds latter, K2tog across round,
and then repeat that (k2tog across row 2 or more times (every other round) till there are 10 or few stitches, and drawstring bind off those stitches.
this hat was done in 2 X 2 ribbing, but you can get the idea

[B]You can[/B] work in ribbing (1 stitch short of 25% of stitches, then after a K1, do a K3 tog (slip 2 together, k1 (a purl), then pass the 2 slipped stitches over knit one (A raised double decrease)

repeat 3 more times (a cross (+) shaped crown.
again, a 2 X2 ribbing example, but the same idea

[B]you can [/B]drawstring all the stitches together,
cut a length of yarn, double it, put all stitches on yarn, pull tight, and knot… (the top of crown will look gathered (it will be gathered!) (finish with pompom)

[B]you can[/B] divide stitches onto 2 needles (knit half the row)
then kitchener (graft) and have a flat top seam.

[B]you can[/B] bind off, and then sew a bit, and then sew a bit and end up with a 5 pointed (or 4 pointed star… (see this hat)-not ribbing, but it would work in ribbing!

[B]YOU CAN[/B] DO WHAT EVER YOU WANT! its your knitting!

and these ideas aren’t the be all, end all of solutions…

IT’S your hat! do what you want.
(look at my hats, and think, “yeah, they’re nice… but it would be nicer if…” (and figure out how to do it!)