Decreasing "In Full Fashion"

The instructions read: Dec 1 st at the neck edge “in full fashion” every 4th row 7 times. What does “in full fashion” mean?

Im not sure of that one…If we could read the pattern, it may help…
do you have a link?

A full fashion dec is one that’s 1 or 2 or even 3 sts in from the edge and with the slant toward the edge, rather than the the center of the piece. So at the beg of a row, k2, k2tog and at the end work to 4 sts from the end then ssk, k2.

very cool Sue!! never heard of that term.

thank you:thumbsup:

I picked it up on some of the ravelry boards where some very experienced knitters and designers hang out. If you look at a storebought sweater, that’s how the decreases along the front armholes are made on many of them.

Well ive been doin that on my sweaters…just didnt know it was called that…LOL
Gives it a nice smooth, even edge to either pick up stitches from or just leave.

Now i have a new term to call it.

It’s not just doing the dec, or inc, a couple sts in from the edge; it’s having them slant toward the edge too. Most patterns have you slant the dec toward the center of the work.