Decreasing in double-knit socks

I am trying to convince my DH that he will loooove having handmade socks (which he has already told me he won’t wear) by making him a pair with double-knit soles for extra squishiness and comfort. How the heck do I decrease evenly in double-knitting?The only way I’ve managed to do it so far is to take the slipped stitch in the middle of my two knit stitches off the needle completely while I k2tog, and then replace it and do the same on the other side, but this is sooo time-consuming…Any suggestions?

I’ve yet to do any shaping in double knitting, so I can only guess. What you’re doing is the only way I can imagine making neat decreases.

I’m pretty sure this is what KellyK did for her Chuck hat. Right Kelly?..

OK, I’m going to look thru patterns and see if I can find out… don’t want to disturb her on her anniversary :heart: :inlove: :heart:

[size=2]if ya know what I mean… :thumbsup: [/size]

Yay, I found it! When I searched before I posted, I just put in doubleknit and came up with about a gajillion posts that mention dkweight yarn, nothing on double knitting… :doh: Now I feel silly…I should have kept on sorting through them…
Anyway, if anyone wanted to find out how to decrease in double knitting, you have to set the middle stitch (slipped st in 1 color dk, purled st in 2 color) aside (cable needle was suggested :?? now why didn’t I think of that?), and k2tog. I would then go ahead and p2tog, so I don’t forget to decrease to match on the other side, but [color=red]if you’re doing 1color doubleknitting, this will close your tube![/color] I am not worried about it being able to open into a tube, I just want the double layers for softness. If you do this in 2color dk, make sure to purl the next 2tog in your 2nd color.
Coool beans :thumbsup: I got it!