Decreasing for armholes while knitting cable pattern

Hi all - I am knitting my first sweater and have reached the point where I have to decrease for the armholes. I am knitting a 6 row repeating cable pattern and the directions tell me to decrease 5 at the beginning of the next two rows and then one after that. My confusion comes from the fact that I am going to have to do this while following the pattern instructions. Any input would be appreciated! Also, I have read where some people suggest completing the first 1-2 stitches of the row before starting to decrease for a better finished edge. What do you think of that?


More pattern information for your exact pattern might be helpful. But the basic idea is to decrease what you need to and then if you have “eaten into” one of the cables so that you don’t have enough to work the cable anymore, then work the stitches in the background stitch until you get over far enough to work a full cable again.

As far as working the decreases in a bit, I usually like to. At least one stitch in is nice, but if it seems easier for a certain project I might do them right at the edge. If you want to work them in a stitch or two just do like I said above but keep the 1 or 2 stitches on the edge the same all the time and not involve them in any changes.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile: I don’t have my pattern in front of me right now but later I can add the exact instructions and perhaps you could take another look.

You noted that it was a 6 row cable but what kind of cable? Over how many stitches? And how many sts between cables? What row of the pattern is the first dec on and how often do you do the decreases?