Decreasing at neck edge using garter stitch

The top section of my ladies jumper uses garter stitch. I need to shape the neck by decreasing at the neck edge in every row. Please could someone advise a good way to do this on both side of the neck. The methods I have tried just look messy and ugly. Thanks.

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Usually a k2tog and a ssk work on either side of the neck. You can work these one or 2 sts in from the edge if you’d like.
What kind of decreases have you tried?
What is the name of your pattern?

Thanks for your reply. Here is a link to the pattern. Garter stitch decreases seem rather awkward.

So at the moment I am trying to decrease up the right side of the neck. I have tried K2 tog and K2tog tbl, both at the ends and one row in.

Should I be doing different decreases on the right and wrong sides?
Also when I get to the left side of the neck what decreases should I use?

Many thanks

K2tog is a nice decrease to use since it follows the slant of the neckline on the right side although that line of decreases isn’t as obvious in garter as in stockinette. You don’t have to follow that line but that’s one way to work it. If you use k2tog, then k2tog continues the line in garter on the wrong side.
The corresponding dec on the left side of the neck would be k2tog tbl or ssk. Use the same decrease on the wrong side.

Another way to work this is to put the decrease on the edge stitches rather than one or two sts in from the edge. Since there’s a collar, the decreases will be hidden when you pick up sts at the neck.

Thanks, I will try that at the edges. However there isn’t a collar, I need to pick up stitches around the neck for a neckband. Do you have any advice on that please?

Sorry, I tend to use collar and neckband interchangeably. Yes even for the neckband if the decreases are at the edge, the neckband will cover them. You could try this on a small swatch to see if you like the look and it’s still easy to pick up sts. I used the dec at the edge on a recent sweater and liked the look instead of a line of decreases. This was stockinette. In garter it probably won’t matter so much since the decreases will tend to be hidden.
It’s a very crisp and good-looking pullover with a nice garter stitch touch at the yoke.

Thanks so much, it great to get some advice when you are stuck.

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