Decreasing a raglan sleeve sweater

I am working on knitting a sweater from a pattern I picked up at Joann’s. I am confused about the following:

Raglan Sleeve Edge: Decrease every 4th RS side row as follows: K2, K3tog, k to the last 5 sts, SK2P, K2. Repeat 8 (8, 9, 9, 10) times total. 34 (36, 36, 40, 38) sts remain. Does this mean: 1 RS - K 2 WS - P 3 RS - K 4 WS - P 5 RS - K 6 WS - P 7 RS - decrease as described (repeat this pattern 8 more times) OR does it mean: decrease as described every 4th row RS?

Thanks for the help

Welcome to KH!
It means to decrease at each end on every 8th row, or rows 8,16,24,32 and so on.

Thank you. That’s what I started doing, but it just looked wrong. This is the first raglan sleeve sweater I have knitted.

The decreases should all be on RS rows. I’m assuming the count starts with a WS row as row 1.