Decreases on neckline

Okay, question time-------

I am trying to do the neckline on a sweater that I am making for my sister for Christmas. I don’t know why I am having such a difficult time with it- it’s like my brain forgot how to work today!!! The pattern reads:

Shape Neck: work across 35 sts, turn leaving remaining sts on holder. Dec 1 st at neck edge every row 4 times- 31 sts remain. Work even until piece measures 7.5 inches from underarm marker, ending with a WS row. Place sts on holder. To complete other side, place center 31 sts on holder for back of neck, and work on remaining sts to match first side.

Okay- it confused me at first, I guess because I haven’t had to decrease on the purl side before. For the first side, I did k2tog and p2tog, 1 stitch in from the neck edge for 4 rows. It looks nice and neat. Then, when I got over to the other side, I got messed up! k2tog and p2tog aren’t going to work, since they will be leaning the wrong direction- I looked at Amy’s page on increases and decreases, and tried using ssp and ssk “improved”- but that didn’t look right either. The ssk “improved” was almost like a yo when I came back on the next row, and the whole thing just looked a mess. What decreases do you think I should be using on this side?


Try K2tog tbl and P2 tog tbl.

See if you like these. If not I’m sure someone else (St. Ingrid) will jump in.

Happy Decreasing :XX: :XX:


Oh Hail St. Mary!!!

That was it!! Thanks again for your help… :cheering: :XX:

Just for the record, I don’t think I would have thought of that. :wink: