Decrease question

Im working on a pattern and during the pattern it uses k2tog and
p2tog and it also uses ssk. In one portion of the pattern it says to decrease one stitch. It doesnt specify which decrease to use. Is there a standard decrease you should use when one isnt specified. Also when Im making the right front it says to reverse shaping. How does one go about doing that? Thanks.

As far as I’m aware, if it doesn’t specify which decrease, you can use whichever you like. I use K2tog, but it doesn’t matter. :shrug:

To reverse shaping, just swap which side you do all the BOs, decreases, etc. on. Your right front will be a mirror image of the left front. For example:

  • Left front: you bind off stitches to start the armhole on the left side of your piece.
  • Right front: bind off the same number of stitches at the same place, but on the right side of your piece.

Hope that helps!

Use k2tog for a right leaning decrease (such as at the left edge of a sweater) and ssk for a left leaning decrease (at the right edge).