Decrease on hat


I’m knitting a hat and just finished the one inch ribbed border. To finish it off the instructions say to decrease every 1 stitch (i have 98 stitches). Can someone explain this?



I assume there’s the body of the hat after the ribbing or border and before the decreases start? Ordinarily there are a series of dec rows although not always.
What is the name of your pattern? Can you quote a couple of lines in this area? Don’t post a large portion of the pattern due to copyright.


This is the end of the ribbing. It just says to do the ribbing until it is 1 inch. Then end on the wrong side decreasing every 1 stitch. It is sized and i am following a size 8.
Decrease every 1(3,1,1,1)
After that, i start the body. I finished one hat already, size 4 (decrease every 3 stitches) and it came out beautiful!


I wonder if it should read, decrease evenly 1 stitch? Check how many sts you need to work the pattern in the body of the hat.
What is the name of the pattern?


Yes, sorry. That was a typo…it says evenly. What does that mean?


It means approximately evenly spaced around the hat. It doesn’t apply to a single stitch. Just work one decrease somewhere in the row.


Thank you so much!