Decrease ? in converting a pattern from 1 yarn to another

I am a very new knitter and got this pattern out of Debbie Bliss book. However I do not have the yarn it calls for and it’s only available as an import here so veeerryy expensive! So I figured I could use what I had and simply alter the pattern to adjust for the difference in tension. (After all, why keep it simple when you can go and complicate matters? :teehee:)

Here’s the original pattern:
Tension 20 sts and 28 rows to 4" sq on 4mm (us6) needles
Cast on 82 st, begin with K row and work 40 rows in st st.
Dec row K1 [k2tog, k7] 9x for 73 st
P1 row
Dec row K1 [k2tog,k6] 9x for 64st
P1 row
Dec row K1 [k2tog, k5]9x for 55 st
P1 row
Dec row K1 [k2 tog, k4] 9x for 46 st
P1 row
Dec row K1[k2tog, k3] 9x for 37st
Dec row K1[k2tog, k2]9x for 28st
P1 row
Next row K1(0) [k2 tog to end] 14 st
P1 row
K1(0), [k2tog to end] 7 st
Begin with p row, work 11 rows in st st, break yarn leaving aprox 16", thread through remainin 7 st, pull and secure, join seam reverseing seam on lower 3/4" for the roll of the hem.

It couldn’t BE any more easy peasie right? Shouldn’t be too hard to convert.

By the pattern, they call for tension to be 20 st and 28 rows=4" sq, so 1 st=0.2", 1 row=0.14" and their 82 st=16.4" wide and 40 rows =5.6" tall by design

With my yarn and tension I make 22 st and 56rows = 4", so 1 st=0.18", 1 row=0.07". So to get the same size 16.4 x 5.6" tall, I make 91 st cast on, 80 rows to get desired length before starting to decrease.

Now here’s my question, regarding the decreases… how best to work them? :shrug: I’ve got a couple of ideas but I’ve never tried them before and this is my third item I’ve knitted in, well, ever… so I’ve no idea how those ideas would play out in reality land or if they’d look like absolute muck. Any words of wisdom? :??

I take it that’s the instructions for your size…?

An easier way to adjust the pattern is figure your sts/inch (not inches/sts). Multiply that times the total inches around you need and follow the instructions for the size that comes closest to that number of stitches which should include the dec sts. It will probably be a smaller size so you may have to make it longer.