Decrease help

I’m on the lace section. I did the k2tog, which creates a decrease. With the next row of all k, I’ll be down on stitches. Won’t this create a triangle? Is there something I have to do with the next row?

When doing lace you do some yarn over (yo in the pattern), which adds a stitch between two stitches. Because of this decreases are added.

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The Yarn Overs (yo) add stitches. So when u have a yo before or after k2tog everything is evened out.

Be careful to add the yo’s in the right place for every row!!! And don’t forget to repeat the yo, k2tog across the whole row and not just once!!

Happy knitting!

What pattern is this? From what I see, it looks like you might be right but without seeing the pattern I wouldn’t bet on it either way.